Dark Soul role playing game is a series of action rpg consists of 4 games. It was published by Bandai Namco Entertainment and developed by FromSoftware. The 3rd game of this series was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox One.

The game starts with a half dead human, specifically zombie. The character is also known as bearer of curse, as he was cursed to never die and live forever even after his lifespan. To break this curse, the character travels to the kingdom of Drangleic and complete various tasks in his way in order to set himself free from the curse.Dark souls 2 Most Powerful Weapons

Dark Souls 2 Most Powerful Weapons

Some of the most powerful weapons of Dark Souls 2 are:

1. Sacred Chime Hammer

2. Crypt Black Sword

3. Black Knight Great Axe

4. Giant Warrior Club

5. King’s Ultra Greatsword

6. Smelter Hammer

Game Play

This game has similar mechanism like previous dark soul series games. It is known for its level of difficulty. Bad play is punished by various attacks and several enemies and make it hard for a player to survive. This game is played in third person’s point of view.

Dark souls 2 most powerful weapons


The whole series is popular among the RPG lobers. Gamers prefer this game. This game is commercially successful in the gaming zone.

This game is known for its difficulty. Player needs proper weapons to survive. Choosing weapons is also a tough task in this part.

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