Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka or also known as DanMachi is a monster-slaying Japanese anime show. DanMachi is inspired from a light novel series of the same name. It was created by Fujino Ōmori and elucidated by Suzuhito Yasuda. The manga was first published in January, 2013. It quickly became popular with manga readers and was picked up for a series adaptation.

Danmachi Season 3: Release DateDanMachi Season 3 Release Date Already Announced

DanMachi season 1 premiered way back in April, 2015. It was a huge hit. DanMachi fans are eagerly waiting for the next season to see more action. Although, our wishes were kind of fulfilled when we got the spin-off anime show in April, 2017.

However, the loyal fans of the main storyline were not satisfied, and wanted another season of DanMachi to see more of Bell and Hestia on their adventures. DanMachi season 2 premiered in July, 2019. The second season came to an end after 12 episodes.

Initially, the third season of DanMachi was supposed to premiere in July, 2020. Due to the global pandemic, the production was stalled and the release date for the third season was pushed further. The third season aired from October to December, 2019. The third season had 12 episodes. DanMachi Season 3 was loved by fans.

DanMachi’s journey hasn’t ended yet. The show will return for its fourth season. It was announced at GA FES 2021 in January 2021 that the fourth season of the anime will likely be released in 2022.

DanMachi Season 3: Plot

Spoiler alert!

DanMachi Season 3 Release Date Already Announced

The third season begins with Bell Cranel working hard to become a great adventurer. Initially, his work not appreciated by anybody. But his life takes an unexpected turn when he met Hestia, a goddess who is looking fod a follower.

Bell Cranel also gains some magical powers as a bonus from Hestia. The series set off by watching Bell and Hestia on their adventures when they are in the dungeon. Fans expect that the third season will be packed with more action and adventures. Bell and Hestia together will move forward, and a 15-year-old Bell will turn into a complete adventurer.

Fans are expecting the third season to dive deep into the love life of Bell and Hestia when they are in the dungeon. Given, their already established relationship of mentor-apprentice from season 1, it is unlikely that romance will bloom between them. This season will we also get a new villain Weine, a monstres. The second season ended with a battle between citizens of Orario and war God Ares’s army.

You can watch the DanMachi season 3 trailer here.

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