Dan’s life was completely flipped upside down when his wife was killed, leaving him to care for their children alone. While he was out on business, Nicole, his wife, was murdered. He could only hear his wife on the phone while the attack was happening.

Danny’s life was drastically altered as a result of the sad incident, but he is now working with Jason Fox and Ant Middleton, both of whom were in the Special Forces in the past. Additionally, he started the nonprofit group StrongMen with the goal of helping other people whose lives were affected by the crimes.

The programme, which debuted on Channel 4 on Sunday night, also featured a spotlight on Dan. He exerted all of his physical and mental might in order to participate in it and discuss the experience with the other candidates. Danny was invited to spend the weekend taking part in outdoor activities because he had lately lost a loved one.

Who Is Nicola Cross, the Wife of Dan Cross? Know What Took Place

The wife of Dan Cross, Nicola Cross, was fatally stabbed ten times on September 14, 2015, and died as a result. On that day, she was murdered.

Dan asserts that she was a wonderful, caring person who was loved by everyone who had the good fortune to know her. In addition, she was a noble and compassionate lady who died from a knife attack because she was unable to defend herself in time to save her two children. The assault caused her to pass away.

Dan regarded Nicola as an incredible and creative person during the interview. Dan also said that Nicola loved to make other people happy and that she had an inner glow that emanated through her. Nicola constantly grinned.

Nicola was brutally stabbed 10 times at the woman’s Hemel Hempstead home on September 12, 2015, while Dan was abroad on a business trip. Dan wasn’t there when it happened. She was viciously stabbed and killed while attempting to protect their kids from an intruder.

He was unable to do anything but watch as Danny was fatally stabbed while listening to his wife’s phone call. A crazed burglar broke into their Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, home with the intent of stealing the children, but instead killed the man’s wife.

How Were Nicola Murdered And Killed?

Dan Cross’s wife was brutally murdered and killed by being stabbed 10 times inside of their Hemel Hempstead house, where they resided as a family.

Nicole, who was 37 years old and attempting to shield her children from the insane Marcin Porczynski, was fatally stabbed while Dan, who was 200 miles away in Hull, listened on the phone. Dan was at the time in Hull.

Nicole was trying to keep their kids safe from Marcin Proczynski, the murderer who had broken into Dan’s home and taken them. Nicole was brutally slaughtered by the perpetrator after being stabbed ten times while attempting to defend their children.

Dan, a specialist in information technology, was not at home when his wife was murdered, but he was still able to hear her voice while she was being assaulted as reported by TheAncestory.

The murderer allegedly showed no mercy to Nicole and repeatedly stabbed her during the admission of the mother, two toddlers, teenagers, and old six and three. Dan, who was there during the incident, claims this.

Meet the family of Dan Cross

Dan Cross found himself falling back in love with Alex Wells after the sad incident. He told her he wanted to marry her, then he went ahead and proposed to her.

Dan referred to his new wife as an incredible person and a gift from God since she was crucial in helping him recover from the anguish created by Nicole’s death. According to the information provided by the source, Dan and Alex also had a girl.

Dan revealed in an interview that Alex helped him overcome the horrific event and helped his kids regain the memories they had of their mother by using memory boxes, a technique Alex had learnt via her employment as a mental health professional.

The fact that Alex is a mental health professional who helped Dan and his children recover from the frightening tragedy they had suffered is another reason why Dan is happy with her at this point and why his kids are thrilled with her. Dan also shared that Alex was putting in a lot of effort to help the charity function she and her coworkers were attending.


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