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The guide shares the Wordle riddle #347’s solution and the Creap Definition to help players.

Is the Wordle puzzle 347 solved? Wordle puzzle participants know that there are six chances to find the mystery five-letter word. The questions are regularly updated.

First, players must find the correct answer from the clues. Riddle #347 was a puzzle in which many players in the United States (USA, Canada) and the United Kingdom had wrongly guessed the answer. The word CREAP was guessed by players, who then started to search for creap Definition online in order to understand what it meant.

What Is Creap?

We found out that Creap was a slang term with no meaning after analyzing online. These words are often used in slang for crawl, dawdle or poke. Because it is similar to the word “creep”, people frequently confuse it with the original meaning of the word. It means to move slowly, but not making others aware.

Creap is hot because many Wordle users have correctly answered riddle #347 with this word. The answer to riddle #347 was CREAK. However, players incorrectly thought CREAP because it sounds and looks the same.

Is Creap Wordle Right Answer?

Creap does not answer the wordle riddle. Because it is slang, the word does not have any meaning and is not associated with riddle #347. Creak refers to a sound made by a large wooden object, usually a wooden structure. It makes obnoxious sounds while moving and then it is called creak.

It was confusing because many people were unable to guess the correct answer to riddle #347. They started to search online for the meaning. Many players now search online for the meanings of the Creap Wordle.

It is being used by others to refer to the riddle game. However, this word Creap has no connection to the riddle-game and is not defined.

More Information on Wordle

Wordle puzzle games have been popular for some time. It is loved by everyone, from celebrities to the common man. The most trending topics are therefore the recent wordle answers.

Many players misunderstood the clues and guessed CREAP rather than CREAK. Since CREAP was guessed by many players, other players searched online for the creap definition.

CREAP, a slang term for “creap”, is not defined or given any meaning. But it sounds like CREAK which is the correct answer and it is currently trending. Many people thought CREAP was the answer. To find the definition of the word, people searched it online.


Wordle a daily puzzle game which releases new riddles each day to keep players engaged. It’s a puzzle game in which players must guess a five-letter word by using six clues. Many people were seen correctly guessing CREAP in the riddle #347. Because many players had misunderstood the answer, people went online to search Creap Definition.

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