Crazy drop Legit news articles will verify the legitimacy and give users an impartial review.

Are you interested in real money that you can withdraw from your account? Playing any online game will allow you to earn real money. An app that is popular in South Africa as well as Nigeria and Philippines was recently created by players who claimed they received real money. Is the app really worth what it claims to be?

We will give Crazy Drop’s review and legitimacy. Let’s find out if Crazy Drop legit.

Notice: The information we provide here is based solely on the online knowledge we have provided to our readers regarding this app.

Reviews on crazy drop game:

It does not seem to be a legitimate website. The game is very simple and is gaining popularity due to some users claiming that the app makes money by tapping the screen and turning on the lights. However, we want to provide an impartial review of the game.

  • This game is fun and can be played in your free time.
  • This app is not meant to be used as a way to earn money.
  • Many users claim to be able make money but they are often stuck with it and don’t get any.
  • So, Crazy Drop Game Review has shown us that the application does not allow you to receive real PayPal money.
  • We recommend our readers to avoid making such claims.
  • You can also play the game for entertainment.

What is Crazy Drop?

DoraBmonkey created the app. It promises to offer a fantastic gaming experience. If you win, you can challenge your luck and play skill.

It’s easy to play the game with these instructions:

  • Tap the screen for the coins.
  • For bonus tokens, use token light bulbs
  • All the bulbs that were given to activate rain coins must be lit.

Is Crazy Drop Legit?

You won’t get any money if this is a game you are trying to make money. You can withdraw money from the game once you have completed the required levels. Sometimes the server will even time out.

Additionally, local banks cannot complete the payment. Additionally, the app offers a USD mining option. But mining USD isn’t easy, so it is obvious that this app is a scam. Crazy drop Legit has a big, no.

It is important to note that the ads interrupt gameplay and reward redemptions, so you should be alert for them. It is clear that developers will reap all the benefits.


  • It’s simple and straightforward to control your account
  • Attractive UI design and addictive gameplay
  • Earn tokens even when you aren’t connected to the internet.


Crazy Drop was last updated on May 6, 2022. Since then, many users claim that they are receiving real cash. Many people believe it to be fake. Our research on Crazy drop Legit also shows that the claim of receiving money is false. can check the legitimacy .

Do you know of any other such games which claim to offer money? Let us know if you have any suggestions in the comments section.


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