COVID Restrictions Ease Influence Philippines Gambling Business

Gambling has been a part of the Philippines’ culture and traditions since the sixteenth century. Locals have even implemented this activity in their burial and funeral practices, showing off gaming as a solid way to honor the passed away. More professional entertainment also takes place in the region and is largely supported and controlled by the government. This makes the Philippines one of the most gambling-friendly countries around the globe.

As for any other industry, the gaming and gambling market has to comply with the latest tendencies and innovations. The COVID-19 outbreak surely become power deemed to be life-changing. How has it influenced punters in the Philippines and the field in general? Stay tuned to check it out.

Pre-Pandemic Performance: The Legitimacy of Gambling for Filipinos

The basic gambling regulations and laws in the country are pretty similar to what is established in regions that are betting-friendly. Please check the table below to get brief answers to the frequently asked questions.

When is it allowed to start playing for real money in the Philippines?The legal gambling age is twenty-one years old with no exception.
Is online gambling supported by the government?Yes, but with some crucial exceptions.
Is offline gambling supported by the local authorities?Yes, land-based entertainment establishments of this kind are actively cultivated.
Are there any banned online slot machine real money Philippines solutions?Yes, the list includes popular local illegal numbers games. These activities are famous under the titles of jueteng, last two, and masiao.
How is this industry ruled?The PAGCOR (the abbreviation for the Philippine Amusement and Gambling Corporation) is assigned to control the industry’s development and performance.
Is it safe to gamble in the Philippines?Yes, unless you chose a secure platform and comply with the most basic requirements for punters (check above).

Naturally, the presented information doesn’t illustrate the entire suite of tendencies and legal framework conditions that maintain the field’s development. Here are more interesting facts about gambling in the Philippines to be aware of:

  • When it comes to online slot machine real money Philippines, there is a unique phenomenon to bear in mind. While the locals have the right to gamble in offshore organizations only, the national online casinos don’t support people with Philippines citizenship.
  • Compared to Macau, which is believed to be a leading pioneer in the Asian gambling market, the Philippines is a more beneficial player. That means there are more land-based gaming institutions, including over twenty offline casinos just in Metro Manila.
  • Back in 2017, the marketplace of online slot machine real money in the Philippines was the second biggest requester demanding office space. This tendency is valid nowadays as well.
  • The gambling blossoming and the economic sector of the country are closely interconnected. For instance, POGOs (namely, Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators) are taxed. The achieved revenue is forwarded to the country’s budget in order to secure its sustainable progress and prohibit illegal operations connected with gambling.

Gambling Behavior Alterations During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 crisis had a huge impact on people’s daily and professional lives, as well as their mental and physical health. Taking into account restrictions connected with traveling and freedom of movement, it is clear why numerous operations and activities were transferred to the online medium.

This network has certainly become a solid mediator and communication channel for personal and business affairs. Online slot machines and real money casinos in the Philippines suffered from the pandemic, but there were some positive changes too. Mostly, in 2020 especially, they were based on the behavioral gambling alterations of the target audiences.

In general, more players revealed their interest in gaming and betting online:

  • Since potential and regular gamblers had to spend more time at home, this led to their enhanced attention to virtual means of self-entertainment.
  • As for the categories of players, there were noticeable changes too. Thanks to the data received from those customers who reported their gambling activities, it is possible to announce a large rise in interest among senior punters and youngsters.
  • Analyzing gambling patterns during the pandemic, sports betting lost its value a bit (among the reasons to note, numerous competitions and championships were canceled or postponed). That led to a certain increase in customers’ desire to gamble easily and have fun. One of the most sought-after gambling operations was online slot machine real money casino Philippines performance.

Gambling During COVID-19 in the Philippines

Gambling during COVID-19 in the Philippines

Although COVID-caused limitations have had an obvious negative impact on numerous industries around the case, there are some lucky businesses. The latter organizations have managed to gain profits thanks to this vulnerable period of change. And the gambling industry in the Philippines is a bright sample.

At the beginning of these changes, the modifications were drastic. Located in Metro Manila, office spaces for a major part of online slot machine real money in the Philippines casinos were simply vacated. Referring to the related statistical data, the office stock share of China-centric virtual venues dropped by six percent, stopping at the rate of five percent.

According to the PAGCOR data, the revenue received through gambling taxed establishments increased by more than fourteen percent in 2021 compared to 2020. It is an average result for the industry as a whole. To be more precise, such operations as electronic sabong and bingo betting contributed to the country’s budget by over twenty-eight percent more than the year prior.

This boosting is connected with the reopening of casinos that were closed because of the pandemic restrictions. Overall, around one hundred fourteen billion Philippine pesos were gathered as the gross gaming revenue. The fewer restrictions remain in the market during the pandemic, the more services are going to come back.

The Future of Gambling in the Philippines

In a global society, Australians have commonly claimed the most gambling nation. Filipinos are glad to give the upper hand to the statistics. The development scenario of the market has always been associated with the natives’ daily life, customs, and traditions. It won’t be an exaggeration to say this money-earning machine will remain an important part of the country’s budget and culture.

Here are some potential predictions for years to come:

  • Some experts believe all the online and offline casinos have to be privatized by the local authorities to reduce gambling addiction and possible scam schemes. Several steps are taken to make the so-called cooperation between the government and gambling enterprises tighter and more reliable. That doesn’t mean a reduction in the number of both online and land-based establishments. More likely, their popularity will keep on increasing.
  • The Philippines will be a trendsetting pioneer, at least in the local region. For instance, back in 2020, they were the first to introduce interested parties with an opportunity to punt high-rolling stakes with online slot machines for real money in the Philippines. This tactic was chosen to gain back the standard revenue, which was significantly shortened because of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • As for the gender aspect, new gambling habits arose among female players too. According to several studies, increased interest of women in non-standard and non-typical services was reported. Apart from gambling for fun with slots, enthusiasts started discovering unknown and more complicated amusements like card and table games.


All in all, gambling has always been a controversial sphere. Although it risks monetary losses and getting addicted to it, this sphere isn’t likely to ever lose its attraction and relaxation skills. This scenario becomes a solid truth in such countries as the Philippines. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, both the local establishments and government have managed to maintain the industry development and regain their initial losses partly. This market is oriented for Filipinos and foreigners as well. Given their diligence in service-delivering processes, new members of this gambling club are guaranteed.

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