Cost Of Modem For Comcast

Comcast Corporation is an American telecom company. It’s headquarters situated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is the second largest broadcasting and television company. It is and internet service provider in the United States. And also the telephone service provider.


Ralph J. Robert, along with his two partners, purchased American cable system. At that time, American cable system was a small cable operator company, with almost five channels, in Mississippi. Later on, they started purchasing corporations and operators. In 1969, the company was revised in Pennsylvania in 1969 and got the new name, Comcast Corporation. It’s public offering started first in 29th June 1972. In 1977, HBO was first launched in Comcast. In 1988, it first launched for mobile phone operator.

Cellular Service

Comcast confirmed the partnership with Verizon wireless to build cellular network in the year 2016. New WiFi service started in 2017. The service was officially announced in 2017, as Xfinity mobile.

Cost Of Modem For Comcast

Cost Of Modem For Comcast

In 2020, Comcast Xfi5 raised their rental fee of modem from $13 to $14. Now the total rent users have to pay for the modem is $168. They emphasised the equipment charges boldly in their new statement about rental charge. They even increased the charges for those users too who had already bought a package. The base price will not increase for them but the charges may include.


Most of the users opted for the replacement of this modem. As the prices of Comcast Xfinity modem increased frequently, they found it easier to change their modem.

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