Coronavirus or by the name we all know as Covid-19 has changed the ways, we live. Apart from the ways it also has affected the habits of humans but also affected the way we think. It all started from a small place in China and eventually conquered the whole world, taking the lives of countless people.From schools and colleges to the offices, everything was shut and has become online due to the social distancing norms. Since its spread, everyone has changed their living habits. Everyone has not only become health conscious but also they have become more inclined towards the hygiene.

Earlier the people who ate junk foods and went to public places for tours and travels are nowadays just sitting in their homes and worrying about their hygiene. Every disease or epidemic needs a proper treatment procedure and a vaccine. Scientists have been researching since almost an year, with numerous vaccines released that claimed to have a good recovery rate, some vaccines are approved by the government that have proven to be of great use, providing excellent recovery rate.

Coronavirus New Vaccine Arrival Cost ,Success Rate and all the Latest Update

Coronavirus New Vaccine for Different Countries

Many countries have released their own set of vaccines that have been claimed to provide a good recovery rate. Some of  the most popular vaccines include Covishield, Pfizer, Moderna etc are some of the most popular vaccine providers that have been supplying their vaccines in  different countries.

As far as the cost is concerned, for Covishield, people have to pay an amount of 206 rupees (provided they fall in the first 100 million dosage receivers) and 1000 Rs thereafter.Similarly for Pfizer and Moderna people have to pay an amount of Rs 1420 and Rs 2340 respectively Almost all of the available vaccines have been claimed to provide a recovery rate of around 95 percent which seems fairly good enough considering the virus’ impact.Government has started the vaccination drives for the citizens, they can access the vaccines by paying a specific amount.

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