In this article, we will be discussing Email Deliverability as a concept. And why every email marketer is asking: Is the deliverability rate significant? How to run a reliable email test? The answers to these questions will make us discuss the deliverability issues like:

●  High Bounce Rate

●  Email service provider flags

●  Spam filter flags

●  Low Open Rates

●  Spam Reports

Understanding these issues, their causes, and consequences will help us to reach a good sender reputation on the internet. To be sure that the emails we send in mass will arrive successfully at the receivers’ inboxes. Because it mostly won’t make it there if we have a bad sender reputation or a deliverability issue. Your emails would go instead to the Spam folder or don’t even make it to the receiver in the first place. So every marketer would want to run an email deliverability test. We want to know our email deliverability rate.

How do you spot and fix email deliverability issues?

There are many websites and applications to assess your Emails’ deliverability status. In a few seconds, you send an email to that website/app to get a detailed report of your email’s deliverability status. These apps will send you a detailed assessment report of your email. Will this email make it to the inbox? Our tip is to run an email test online by Folderly or it will end up in the spam, other tabs, or will face a sending failure. Your email also gets a score collected by being reported spam/friendly if you send this email to many users. These algorithms would analyze your email and your message in detail. It analysis everything, starting from the domain you are sending from, the email you are using to send your message, and the programming language of the message. These Apps’ algorithms will assess your content and how email service providers or search engines would evaluate and report it.

Email Test & Email Deliverability Rate

Email marketers would want to know their Email deliverability rate for many reasons. Fixing any email deliverability issue is always the priority. Why would they work on anything other than delivering their emails successfully to receivers’ inboxes?!

They test email deliverability; They do any possible email deliverability check regularly. To know if it is possible to proceed with sending emails and other tasks if they have a friendly reputation reported in testing email deliverability. Or there are still deliverability issues causing a delivery failure. And they still need to work on it. They would keep fixing and rerunning the email delivery test until they eliminate all deliverability issues. They would want to be sure that it is a profitable investment to pay for an email delivery service to deliver a massive amount of friendly emails successfully to receivers’ inboxes.

Email content problems

If you have email deliverability issues, you will need to work on a few things. Either its no income from an email campaign, no feedback from your customers or you get asked the same questions even if you wrote it in your email.  But firstly, you want to understand the problem to be able to fix it. You can be sure that you are only two possible reasons for such deliverability issues:

●  A human marked you as spam/ transferred your emails to others/ reported you/ blocked you.

●  Or it was done by the email service provider’s algorithms NYCHHC Webmail 

Tip: use a software to test email deliverability. This will increase your “open” email rate. 

Email content – Receiver Behavior

Avoiding getting flagged by a human is easier because you can predict the receiver’s impression when they look at your email. It is not a machine without any interests or emotions. Your task here is to be understanding and predictable enough for the reader to click on your CTA.  You can read it from their perspective to assess its personalization and relevancy because any regular user would detect a spam email in a blink of an eye. You want to avoid that. And it all should start with your lead list. You firstly want to make sure that you are sending emails to emails that are (1) valid and not fake emails, and (2) their owners would be interested in seeing your content. Use an email test or otherwise, you will get reported/moved to spam. Additionally, you want to customize your message to the highest possible level to avoid that flag. You want to use automation wisely to customize Subjects, Greetings, Body, sending time, and attachments.

Email content – Lead List

Every successful event must have gradual steps. Horses will trot before galloping, and cars accelerate from gear to gear.

Remember, We are here to discuss email deliverability issues, how to avoid them, and how to adjust your content to avoid being marked as spam. Yet it starts a little bit earlier; You want to double-check your lead list before sending any emails. Then you want to be testing email deliverability before sending.

If you have a lead list of 1M contacts, would it be wise to test and then send 1M email to all of them? Or Would it be better and more efficient to send only 500 emails to assess the delivery? What if there is a typo or a mistake? Would you like 500 receivers to see that or the whole 1M?

Email content – Email Service Providers & SPAM FILTERS

Your email service provider, search engines, and google will analyze the message you send in the highest possible detail. We have discussed processing the amount you send to receivers for technical and testing email deliverability in the previous paragraph. But there are more reasons regarding email service providing and spam filters that would make you want to consider raising the number of emails you send gradually as well. And we can see that clearly in many mail service provider services and social media platforms. You can’t create an account today and send 1k emails from it on the first day. You can’t send the same email with the same subject and body to a massive amount of receivers without any customizations, email delivery testing or editing to avoid getting your domain blocked. Avoiding ESP/Spam filter flags is more complicated than manual flags because it is harder to expect the algorithm’s functions. But You will always be able to detect and fix your issues if you are running a deliverability status regularly and have a strict policy for such a crucial matter.


How do you achieve a good sender reputation?

Don’t Spam! That is the golden rule, which will keep you safe from getting blocked or reported as spam. The tool that will help you a lot is an email delivery service. The main challenge will always remain that senders would not understand the reason behind that in some cases. In other cases, they wouldn’t realize that they can’t send emails in the first place. Email marketers must understand email deliverability compatibility, issues, tests, and regular maintenance to their online reputation. They must test and evaluate their email campaign before actually sending it. And they must put themselves in the receivers’ and email service providers position to avoid waste of resources.


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