Color as a means of self-expression trendy colors in the bathroom

Bathroom supply store NewBathroom Style thinks the formation of a unique atmosphere in the home occurs due to the arrangement of furniture, the placement of accessories, and, to a greater extent, the color scheme. This also applies to the design of bathrooms.

Color attracts attention by influencing the emotional state. A suitable color scheme helps to express the owner’s inner world as accurately as possible, show his preferences, and emphasize individuality. Color create that unique place of power where you want to return and where you can play by your own rules.

But in the bathroom, unlike in the living room or bedroom, there is not that variety of accessories that can emphasize the style prevailing in the room. Faucets, showers, and flush plates play their role here, helping to make the image of the room harmonious, complete, and whole. In the small room, 24-inch bathroom vanity of various shades or covered with enamel, matte or sparkling, can enhance the impression of the coloristic image of the entire room.

Interaction of shapes, coatings, and textures

It all depends on the interior design strategy. Three types of interiors can be distinguished: high-contrast, grayscale, and low-contrast. For example, suppose you want to decorate the bathroom entirely in black. In that case, the faucets should also be chosen in black or, for instance, in graphite. Or you can use black tiles only for the wall and shade it with sharply contrasting chrome faucets with a 36-inch bathroom vanity.

If you want matte textures throughout the bathroom, you should stop at matte, not glossy finishes. If you create a “vintage” look, your metal is matte gold, and if “luxury,” it is polished. It turns out that the same color but in a different texture can create an entirely different mood. So that everyone has the opportunity to develop different interaction scenarios, Grohe has released the Colors collection, which includes faucets, showers, flush plates, all kinds of fittings, and accessories in 10 colors and finishes (matt or gloss).

The power of black

Now at the peak of popularity – a game on the contrast of black and white. Black faucets go great with white sinks and bathtubs. This combination creates a graphic effect, setting a unique rhythm for the entire room and turning it into a modern laconic interior. And suppose black is combined, for example, with green marble or leather. In that case, the interior will turn into a stylish classic.

A bathroom completely designed in dark colors will look bold and very elegant. Today, to create a visual effect of depth, the “color of the night” can cover all surfaces: black showers and faucets to tiles, sanitary ware, and black furniture.

But still, it is better to use black in details: lamps, faucets, radiators and other accessories. For example, to focus on a black sink with a matte graphite faucet, highlight one of the walls, part of the ceiling, or floor. And you can soften the effect and replace black with noble gray. This combination will add elegance to the interior.

Warm tones

Recently, there has been an increase in the popularity of warm colors in the house’s interior. This trend originated in the Scandinavian countries and then spread throughout the world. Golden metal surfaces can bring warmth and elegance to the bathroom’s interior: plumbing fixtures and decorative tiles, lamps, mirror frames, toothbrush holders, and other accessories.

Small gold accents fit perfectly into the concept of almost any stylistic direction. Brightly shimmery or subdued matte will make a strong impression without adding contrasts, helping to create a sense of depth. The main thing is not to use gold glitter too intensively. Sometimes, you can make gold a deliberately luxurious accent in an ultra-strict space. Still, it is better to avoid excesses so that the interior does not turn out to be tasteless.

Gold goes well with gray, gray-beige, gray-blue. Against such a background, frosted faucets of a cold golden hue will not catch the eye, emphasizing the respectability of the bathroom. And faucets of a reddish hue will become an elegant addition to the interior in a retro style, thanks to their natural autumn colors.

The warm tone of polished nickel can be used in almost any bathroom décor, especially when paired with browns, yellows, and grays. By shifting the color temperature towards the yellow spectrum, polished nickel accessories and faucets have a warmer color than chrome and a more refined finish with a subtle hint of luxury.

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