Citra Cheat Codes Latest Update Everything You Need to Know

An emulator of the handheld game console Nintendo 3DS ‘Citra’ was developed by Citra and contributors and is available in 21 languages. This emulator was initially designed in 2014. However, emulator don’t works well with older PCs rather needs to be run on a decently powerful x64 or ARM64 CPU. Also, this emulator being free and open source is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android. 

Citra Cheat Codes and System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit or higher, macOS High Sierra or higher, Modern 64-bit desktop Linux.
  •  x86-64 CPU or Single Core Performance > 1,800 on Passmark CPU
  • OpenGL 3.3 support Graphics Hardware.

Here are the cheat of few games that you can emulate on this platform.

1. Pokémon Shuffle 3DS Cheats

Citra Cheat Codes

  • 1 Attack Power Up (Code: 07073180)
  • 1 Disruption Delay (Code: 07080704)
  • 1 Jewel (Code: 20150917)
  • 3 Moves +5 (Code: 06150503)

2. Crashmo 3DS Cheats

  • Post-Game Rewards: Once you finish the game by clearing the 100th Crashmo, the ending from the Extras menu will be visible to you .Also, you will be able to access the Music Player.
  • Finish 10 lessons in Crashmo Park and get an access to the Crashmo Studio mode
  • Finish 20 lessons in Crashmo Park and gain access to the training mode.

Lego Marvel Avengers Cheat Codes

Citra Cheat Codes

  • Code: 2K8QCG (A-Bomb)
  • Code: 3ZDB2W (Amadeus Cho)
  • Code: 8HG9HC (Bengal)
  • Code: MJNFAJ (Butter Ball)
  • Code: 93NNGB (Chase)
  • Code: BTS8M6  (Cottonmouth)
  • Code: ZNCK2S (Count Nefaria)
  • Code: UNECSY (Diamondback)
  • Code: 5MZ73E (Fast Build [Red Block])
  • Code: WU9YBF (Finesse)
  • Code: RABVV7 (Firebird)
  • Code: M562MB (Mantis)
  • Code: 4AKZ4G (Mark 35 Ironman Suit)
  • Code: JYJAFX (Minikit Detector [Red Block])
  • Code: N4YANB (Quasar)
  • Code: 9KFJ7A (Quinjet (Mini) [Vehicle])
  • Code: MFUPE7 (Skaar)
  • Code: K66TQP (Speed)
  • Code: XP9QX9 (Striker)
  • Code: R9CWTF (Swordsman)
  • Code: JWRGP4 (Thunderstrike)
  • Code: D4RREH (Tigra)
  • Code: A7BRT4 (Veil)

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