Choosing the Best Addiction Recovery Program for you

Each day might seem like a struggle if you have an addiction of any kind. Even though it can seem impossible to quit the addiction, recovery is achievable if you decide to become sober by going into rehab. For this, finding the proper treatment program that works for you and your body’s needs is important.

You have cleared the first obstacle if you have decided to seek help for your drug or alcohol abuse and enroll in an addiction treatment center. But how can you pick the best rehabilitation program? Let us learn here.

Types of addiction treatment:

  • Residential or inpatient treatment programs: Inpatient rehab treatment is meant for people with severe addiction issues. In this type of program, you have to stay within the rehab facility for several months till you completely recover. A rehab center is a safe place where you are taken care of by expert medical professionals and therapists who help you to achieve sobriety.
  • Intensive outpatient program: The same treatment and therapy as an inpatient program are given in an intensive outpatient program but instead of staying at the facility, the patient stays at home. The individual having moderate addiction can take part in this program with a commitment to fully complete the program. This program will ask for several hours every day as per your convenient time. An outpatient treatment center is a good option for patients who have to fulfill their work or family commitments daily as it provides you the flexibility to indulge in the outer world.
  • Outpatient program: Outpatient programs are for people who have already attended inpatient rehab programs and are addiction free for quite some time. You have to attend the medical facility maybe once or twice a week depending on the program. In this treatment, you get counseling, group therapy, individual therapy, and other mental health treatments from the outpatient treatment center.
  • Sober living community: Some people find it difficult to stay at home while taking rehab treatment and some people also cannot live at the rehab facilities due to their own reasons. This is where sober living communities can help. You get the house and sober community of people to live with offering you the structure and accountability you may not have at home. All the support you need is provided by the professionals in sober living houses.

How to select the right addiction recovery program?

Finding the ideal addiction recovery center may involve some research, but a little effort will be rewarded with professional care that will lead to a future that is healthier, happier, and drug-free.

  • Do your research: Ask the friends or family member’s recommendations and make a list of your nearby rehab centers. Do detailed research about them before finalizing any rehab facility. Choose the rehab center according to your needs, the severity of your addiction, and the treatment they provide. Do check if they use scientific evidence-based treatment only.
  • Inpatient Vs. outpatient program: Based on the severity of your addiction, you should select between inpatient and outpatient programs. Both the programs have their own advantages and disadvantages and the choice depends on your requirements. For people dealing with other medical or psychological issues in addition to substance abuse, an inpatient program may be suitable due to its strict environment. For the individual who wants to seek treatment along with continuing the daily chores, an outpatient program is the best option.
  •  Cost: Consider cost as the major factor before enrolling in any rehabilitation center. The cost may be different in each center and you should choose the one which fits your budget. Besides, inquire if they will be covering your cost into insurance.
  • Accreditations and Licensing: During your search, the accreditation and license of the rehab center and its medical staff are the most significant things to consider. The top treatment is often provided by accredited and authorized establishments. It makes sure that a facility continuously complies with treatment, care, and safety standards according to government guidelines. You can refer to the rehab facility’s website to know the details about their accreditations and licensing.
  • Reviews and recovery rate: A facility’s track record of the recovery rate of their patients can indicate their effectiveness and professionalism. Check their online reviews and if you know someone who has attended the particular rehab center in the past, ask about their recovery experience. Furthermore, keep in mind that recovery is a long-term process and it depends on the person. So avoid the rehab center that claims a 100% recovery rate. Do check if the rehab facility is a safe place to stay and you cannot get your hands on alcohol or any type of drugs.

Over to you:

Addiction treatment is effective, but it is a long-term process. In order to start addressing your requirements, you must choose the best addiction treatment program. It can also assist you in concentrating on the psychological, emotional, and social aspects of your addiction.

As seen in this article, it is very important to do some research and take into account several variables before deciding on any rehab center. You will have a better chance of finishing the program successfully and keeping your sobriety in the future if you choose the proper treatment facility.

However, you should also keep in mind that the success of your addiction recovery treatment should not be measured only in terms of sobriety. Instead, you should consider other factors like reduced substance abuse rate, better mental health, improved relationships, and your overall wellbeing.

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