Choose the right glasses for your children

It is not always easy to choose the right glasses for your children. The reason is simple: they will often be unable to tell at the fitting if they are comfortable or if they see correctly with their new glasses.

When you buy glasses for your child, you will probably focus on the material (flexible, unbreakable) and the lenses (quality!) but know that one thing remains very important: they must please him, otherwise he will not will not wear! Here are some wise tips to help parents choose the perfect pair for their children…the one that will be comfortable for them and that they will enjoy wearing!

The glasses

In terms of glasses, minerals are much too fragile and will not be recommended before the age of 16. There is then generally the choice between two types of unbreakable glass: hardened organic glass and polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is strong and virtually unbreakable, however these lenses scratch easily and are more expensive. You will therefore have to add anti-reflective and anti-scratch treatments, which are almost essential for the use of our dear toddlers.

Choosing the right frame for your child

There are many models, in plastic, acetate or metal, in all colors. Whatever the material, they must first of all be adapted to the morphology of the child and designed so as not to injure him in the event of an impact. Then, your child just has to give free rein to his desires. Plastic frames have the advantage of being lightweight and durable, although many frames made of metal alloys now have these same characteristics. Titanium frames are also hypoallergenic. You can find all of them by buying glasses online.

For the age group from 0 to 5 years old

It is preferable to take a plastic frame: this material is hypoallergenic, it ensures better weight distribution on the nose, does not deform or break. There are one-piece frames, without metal hinges and completely flexible and flexible.

For the age group of 5 to 10 years

For this age group, the frame of glasses must be: robust, practical and aesthetic. The choice of plastic or metal does not really matter, there are many models in these two materials. There are also acetate frames equipped with metal hinges. They have spring-loaded flexible temples and are therefore theoretically quite solid.

Prefer a generous and comfortable shape as well as flexible temples

The frame must be high enough (above the eyebrows) so that he cannot look over them. There is indeed a fundamental difference with adults, it is that the child generally uses the upper part of the glass to look up at the people or objects around him. Children’s glasses generally have a style designed for comfort. It is just important to check that they are not too tight at the temples and that they do not slip at the slightest movement. Glasses temples that reach almost to the earlobe are particularly suitable for children who are full of energy or engaged in outdoor activity. To be preferred: flex temples which protect against deformation and breakage.

The pair of glasses chosen must be practical, solid and comfortable, it is also necessary to take into account the tastes of the child (his favorite heroes, shapes, colors, etc.). It is then necessary to choose a pair which is in agreement with its tastes but attention, the glasses of Harry Potter or the glasses of Barbie do not suit all the children.

Kids also love fashion

From 6-7 years old, fashion can also be important for your child (or for his parents)! ..Especially if his little classmates wear original, colored or branded glasses. Each year, the collections of fashion and trendy eyeglasses for children are more and more numerous and offer frames that are both original and functional.

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