Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian Economy, and a large section of the population depends on this. India is in a developing phase, so we need a high level of tools and techniques to fulfil our Goals either in Mining, Construction or Agriculture. Farming is a long process, and every process Needs a new way of Execution, so We have Tools like Tractors which have the capability to do multiple works at the same time. But for that, every Farmer has some basic sense to choose a tractor that suits their Needs. Lets we can make a list of Different Agricultural work and the type of Implements which will best suit them.

Types Of Agricultural Implements

We Can use Tractors in various ways for more advanced farming. For this, we have to attach some Implements to tractors. These tractor Implants are easily available in the market, which makes farming easy and cost-effective and increases Production. 

Land Cultivation Implements: The First Work in Farming is to prepare the soil. For this, various Implements are Available, like Disc Harrows, Power Harrow parts, Spike, Drag, Moldboard ploughs, and Tillers. 

Implements use In Plantation:  After Soil Preparation Second Step in Plantation. There are two ways of plantation, either Seeds Distribution or Direct Plantation. So Both processes are different, so we have Modern Tractor Implements like Precision drills, broadcast seeders, seed drills, air seeders, and transplanting equipment which Enhance the capabilities. 

Harvesting and threshing implements: The crop Needs to be cut and separated at the right time, and this process is called Harvesting. So we have some common implements used by the majority of farmers like Combine, Wheeled Combine, Track-laying combine, tractor-operated combine, Header, Gathering width, and grain header width.

Irrigation Implements – Irrigation Implements are used to keep the crops watery up to the level with the help of machines specially designed for agricultural purposes; different types of irrigation include- sprinkler irrigation, surface irrigation, drip irrigation, sub-irrigation and manual irrigation.

Miscellaneous agricultural implements – Miscellaneous agricultural equipment is the machines used for other agricultural activities.

Common Use Tractor Implements 

TROLLEYS:  Trolleys which is also called Tractor Trolly, are used to uplift heavy goods and for loading and unloading purposeWide varieties are available in trailers, and the use of a particular trailer depends upon the application and its specification. The price range of tractor trolly is between  80,000 to  2 lakh. 

Hand Trolleys.

Wheel Trolleys.

Folding Trolleys.

Aluminium Trolleys.

Tool Trolleys.

Office Trolleys

Rotavator:  Rotavators are commonly used implements which have wheels that drive them along with the blades. Its main work is seedbed preparation and is best suited for Maize, wheat, and Sugarcane.  Selection of a rotavator depends upon the HP of the tractor that you have, the size of the land that you are cultivating and the sort of soil. The price range of the rotavator varies according to Brand and size. The Estimated Price of the rotavator is from 13,300 to 168000 lakh. 

Rice  Transplanter:  A rice transplanter is a device that is used to plant rice seeds into the ground. Rice transplanter implements are used by farmers and continuously increase their demand. An important advantage of using a Rice transplanter is that it requires less water and labour and is also a time-saving process. The estimated price of a rice transplanter varies From 30,000 to 4.5 lakh. 

Threshing:  it is the process performed after the crop has been cut and dried. Thresher is a farm machine used for separating several crops like soybeans, wheat, peas, seed crops etc. Generally, all crop producer needs a threshing machine. 

Harrow:  Harrow is known for tractor implements used mostly for land Preparation.  The primary use of a plough is to get deeper into the soil for cultivation, whereas a Harrow can work by cutting the soil above the surface layers and helping to break it up. The Harrow price starts at approximately 48,000 to 64,000. 

Disc Harrow:  Disc Harrow is also common for soil Preparation and used for hard soil. The disc harrow is used after the plough. It also has some variety like light disc harrows, middle disc harrows, heavy disc harrows and its implements according to the need of work. 

Hydraulic Reversible plough: Hydraulic Reversible is highly in demand for soil preparation like soil mixing, soil turning and soil breaking. This implement is widely used for crops like grains, sugarcane, oilseeds, cotton, and pulses. These types Of Tractors implement comes with adjustable soil inversion turnbuckle and some other specific features. 

Mulcher: Mulcher is a harvesting tool and fix in the front and reverse of a tractor and is mainly used for grass and crop cutting and chopping the straws of crops like cotton and rice. The good thing about this tractor Implements is it maintains the fertility of the soil.

Tractor Implements are very beneficial for Farmers to do multiple tasks, so different Indian Branded Companies designed farm Implements according to the needs of customers. These implants are used to a large extent in Industry, and they help farmers to a large extent.

If Any farmers want to purchase any Tractor Implements, then they need to do some research and also compare all tractor prices before purchasing. Tractorkarvan is an online platform which provides all information related to a tractor. Here, everyone sees different tractor brands and selects their desired Tools according to the budget and size of their land. If they want to connect with an authorized dealer, then they also get their contact details.


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