For the sake of this article, we are going to look a little bit down the road as Chicago fire season 9 is returning to NBC on Wednesday. This year two episodes have been aired so far and the third episode, episode 5 is going to air which could be proved as one of the most memorable hours of the same. We could see some personal intimacy apart from the danger which we don’t usually see in this show.


Characters would be separated from the rest of the team trapped if we think in terms of characters. They would have to figure out how they would find resources to survive, to get out of the situation and to save their lives in the process.


what we expect in episode 5 of Chicago Fire season 9

After knowing that these characters are Herrmann and Cruz this makes the whole scenario much more exciting for the viewers. David Eigenberg and Joe Minoso, both of them are the most underrated performers in Hollywood but when they deliver they just mesmerize people by their performance. Based on what we are hearing and seeing already this episode perfectly seems to fit the bill. There might be other characters featuring this episode too. We have to take advantage of every opportunity that we can get as we don’t get much these a season.

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