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Any pipeline in which the flow may only run in one direction must include swing check valves. Plumbing in your house is an excellent illustration—unless you want the water from your flush to come back through your faucet! As long as you are aware of a few crucial elements, including how to place swing check valves vertically or horizontally and how to manage your valve, this process should be rather simple.

Is it Better to Install the Swing Check Valve Horizontally or Vertically?

Could swing check valves be mounted vertically? is a question we frequently hear.
Swing check valves can be fitted in both directions, which is the clear answer to your issue.

Installing a Swing Check Valve: Steps

Although it’s really simple to install a swing check valve to a pipeline, you’ll discover that taking your time and paying close attention to details will be worthwhile. Instead of having to remove or replacing your swing check valve, it is far simpler to identify a problem during installation.

You may install a swing check valve by following these steps:
1. Verify Valve Size 

Make sure you are aware of the size and design you require before you buy your swing check valve. Examine the material as well as measure the pipes to which you will be connecting the valve. There really are socket valves, threaded valves, and components made of PVC, carbon steel, as well as stainless steel.

2. Examine the Valve Interior

Verify that nothing became stuck inside the valve during delivery by quickly looking inside. The flap of the swing check valve might theoretically become trapped if something small got inside of it, stopping all water flow. This fast and simple procedure could help you avoid hours of frustration.

3. Examine the edges.

Regardless of whether you require a swing check valve with flanges, you should carefully inspect the edges. Search for any irregularities, blemishes, or other obstructions that can stop your valve from sealing properly.

4. Verify the location of the valve

The orientation of your pipeline will not affect any other steps; just this one will. Look for an arrow pointing in the direction of flow on your valve. Put your swing check valve in the proper position if you’re placing it on a horizontal pipeline.
Make sure the flow arrow is facing up when installing your swing check valve on a vertical pipeline.

5. Attach the pipeline’s swing check valve.

The swing check valve can now be attached to the pipeline. Depending on the kind of valve you’re using, you may need to manually screw it in place or just fit the components together and check that they’re tight.

6. Examine the valve.

Turn on your water and check that it is flowing to see if your swing check valve is working. Testing is simple if you use a clear PVC valve like this one because you can see how the valve is functioning.
If you discover that your water flow is stopped while testing, you might want to double the swing check valve’s orientation. Use the advice below to troubleshoot any issues you find, including leaks.

Maintenance of a swing check valve

Your swing check valve will start operating as soon as it is installed. Valves don’t need a significant amount of maintenance, but by regularly examining them, you can keep them operating more efficiently. Check for: Leaks, rust, debris, and proper flow.
To keep your swing check valve operating at peak efficiency for longer, you can also lubricate and rotate it gently. There are a few easy ways to fix your swing check valve if you discover that it is leaking or that the valve becomes stuck. Make absolutely sure your water is shut off prior to performing these.

Where to find the best check valves?

Yuhuan Hongda Sanitary Ware CO., Ltd. was established in 1996 and is situated in Chumen Town, Yuhuan City, Zhejiang Province, on China’s east coast. The business manufactures a variety of brass valves, balls, pipe fittings, and bibcocks. The Hongda Brass Check Valve Factory currently employs 150 people across a 6,700 square meter space, including 30 different sorts of technical management professionals. The company’s yearly output value is 70 million yuan, and its registered capital is 4 million.

Brass check valves of all types are manufactured by Yuhuan Hongda Plumbing Co., Ltd. The brass spring return check valve, swing check valve, foot valve, Y Strainer, as well as brass check valve with strainer are all part of their brass none return valve collection. Their check valve is constructed of forged brass and used extensively in plumbing, pumping, including pipelines to prevent overflow of the liquid control system.

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