Are you going to be able to enjoy the Cebu Pacific Anniversary Promo benefits or is it a scam? You can find all details in this post.

Are you open to traveling to any destination, national or international? It is important to search for as low-cost tickets as possible. A Cebu Pacific-based Philippines air company has you ever heard of? This airline is a great option for travelers who are looking to book their travel.

Did you know that Cebu will celebrate its anniversary in 2019? Is it possible to wait for the airline to offer a discount or other special offer? If you are, then we will tell you why it is not a good idea to click on any non-official offers from airlines. To find out more, read Cebu Pacific Anniversary Promo

The latest news on Cebu Pacific Airlines is

Cebu Pacific Air posted an advisory guide to its official Twitter and Facebook pages. To raise awareness about scams, Cebu Pacific Air shared the following post on August 3, 2022.

The post mentioned the dangers of clicking on links and participating in scam campaigns. They urge people to visit their official website for promotions and sales.

When does the Cebu Pacific anniversary date fall?

Cebu hosts the world’s largest air network and serves the UAE and Asia. Cebu Pacific became the first to land in the aviation sector in March 1996. It celebrates its anniversary each year on March 8.

However, the date of establishment for the airline is actually August 26th 1988. This date is near the location where scammers have a chance to con people into believing that the anniversary of the company has passed.

Cebu Pacific Air has reminded people to exercise caution when sharing personal data with third-party, or non-official websites. There are currently no Cebu Pacific Anniversary Gift promos, especially for the anniversary theme.

Summary on Cebu Pacific Air –

Cebu Pacific (CEB), has been in operation since March 1996. It is well-known for their low-cost, high-value strategies. Since its founding, the CEB has flown more than 180,000,000 passengers.

However, the company is the largest in the Philippines with 36 destinations. The Cebu and Manila hubs and the focus cities are Zamboanga (Clark), Iloilo and Kalibo.

Recent complaints from users include scammers attempting to con them. Some users have posted screenshots of the Cebu Pacific Anniversary Promo claiming that they were receiving cash as a reward for clicking on the link. For the latest promotions, is the official website.

Are there any specials on booking?

There is an offer on the official Facebook and Twitter pages to “Book early 2023 for more savings.” This offer is valid until August 7, 2022. You can book travel for any period between February 1, 2023, and April 30, 2023. For more information and to claim the ongoing offer, visit the official website.


Cebu Pacific Anniversary Promotion .gifts and rewards circulating on this third-party site, which is a complete fraud. According to the company, people should be wary of links and messages that appear on third-party websites. For more information about Cebu Pacific Air visit this

Have you been tricked or swindled by scammers in any way? Let us know if you have been tricked by scammers in the comment section.


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