Why Do We Like Horror Movies?

I have a hard time getting anyone to accompany me to the movies to see scary movies. With a lot of common sense, my friends assure me that they do not need to pay between six and ten euros to have a wrong time, that they get nervous and then don’t sleep. Their position is … Read more

Top 10 Martial Arts Movies Of All Time

Whether you practice martial arts or are a fan of the genre, there’s no denying that martial arts movies can be highly entertaining. There have been many different types of martial arts movies made over the years, from those focused on intense action to those with more light-hearted humor. When it comes to martial arts … Read more

Departure season 3 Release Date Confirmed on Not ??

Departure – A drama series enriched with mystery and created by Vince Shiao. The entire series follows Kendra Malley, a very talented investigator and a single mother who deals with pretty tough disaster investigations and can uncover all sorts of truth over every odd. This International series consists of thriller, drama, mystery, and suspense and … Read more