Recently, Columbian Professor Carl Hart admitted that he is a heroin addict. Lately, he has opened up about his recreational drug use, in his recently launched book  Drug Use for Grown-ups: Chasing Liberty in the Land of Fear Although, the professor has no regret for him being an addict.

Hart’s theory of consuming drugs

Along with it, Hart also explained his regular use of heroin. Further, he also clarifies that he does not face any drug problem. Adding to it he also said that is fully capable of his responsibilities toward his family as well as students. Hart accepts that utilizing drugs makes him feel refresh and prepare him for the next day. Even so, the professor has confessed himself to experiencing mild opioid withdrawal after 12-16 hours of last consumption. As stated by him about his experience, “It was a pain that I would not easily forget. It was a new pain, unlike any I had previously experienced”.  Adding to it he quoted, “It was so intense that it radiated throughout my entire body.”Carl Hart a Columbian Professor admits To be Heroin Addicted Know the full Story

In spite of facing these side effects hurt believes that drugs can be helpful in maintaining life balance if used responsibly. Being a neuroscientist, he also says that a huge percentage of people meeting the criteria of addiction faces psychiatry illness. This might be depression, anxiety attacks and many more. Many patients can also face other problems such as pain. As elaborated by him, “you could have a massive public-service-announcement campaign that says ‘If you’re going to use opioids, don’t use alcohol as a background or other sedatives in combination, because it increases the likelihood of respiratory depression and death.’”

Carl Hart is an American neuroscientist as well as a Columbian psychology professor. The neuroscientist is well known for his drugs addiction. Also, he has done certain research on drugs addict as well as drugs abuse.

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