Capcom has revealed a cryptic Resident Evil Village teaser asking players to fill in the modified portions of a written field log.


The teaser gives an indefinite idea of Ethan Winters’ latest plight entering the nominal Resident Evil Village. This seems to have already asserted the lives of a few individuals. There are three modified parts of the memo, but a fan going by NV on Twitter seems to have decoded the code using an image of the map included in the Resident Evil 8 Collector’s Edition.

If you look closely, you can just hardly make out the boundaries of the first and last letter of each emended word. It does appear NV’s got it right. The note most likely reads: Reporting from Benevento House, on assignment to monitor the village. Mentioned recent tracks and blood down the route. Signs stipulating dragging bodies.  

The best part is the “does not represent actual gameplay” disclaimer at the end. They are just to prompt you that this ragged and coffee-stained sheet of paper might look slightly discrete at launch.

Anyway, the message mention the Dimitrescu Castle, which you get to inspect in the Resident Evil Village demo, while the Beneviento House is one of four houses we know of from the Collector’s Edition map allude to earlier. Along with Benevento, there’s House Dumitrescu, House Heisenberg, and House Moreau. How the four houses tie into one another, we haven’t the smallest clue, but we know the internet’s favorite Resident Evil tall vampire lady is in charge of one of them.

About Game:

Capcom’s survival and horror game Resident Evil Village is scheduled to release on 7th May 2021. Platforms for the release are Windows, Ps4, Ps5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The mode for playing is both single and multiplayer. The director of this game is Morisma Sato and the producers are Tsuyoshi Kanda, Peter Fabiano, Masachika Kawata.




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