The article will tell you the story of Candace Wheeler Georgiaand the most recent update on the series based upon this murder-mystery.

Do you have any idea about Candy Montgomery? Prior to marriage she was known as Candy Wheeler. Candy had been arrested for the murder of her close buddy Betty Gore, but later she was cleared of any guilt. The murder mystery stunned everyone across America. United States in the 1980s.

In the following years, Candy was removed from any charges and is currently working as a counsellor for families and therapist, as a general citizen of the United States. However, Candy’s history has revealed several things under the crime sense. Find all the facts regarding Candace Wheeler Georgia.

What do you know about Wheeler?

Candy Montgomery was born as Candy Wheeler. According to the report, Candy was a very self-sufficient person in her mind. Candy was extremely driven in her entire life. In high education, Candy moved out of her residence in the hope of a better life. Candy began working for a living with her family and side by side Candy was aspiring to become an heir to a millionaire’s estate and a full-time mom.

After a failed romance, Candy got married to Pat Montgomery. However, Candy was not happy with the marriage. Therefore, Candy began a new romance and her husband, who was her closest friend’s.

Candace Wheeler Montgomery

It was a matter of deliberation Betty Gore knew that her husband and Candy were having a romantic relationship. That’s why Betty sought out information about the relationship from Candy. At first, Candy denied all the connections to the husband of Betty. Then, police from the area discovered Betty’s body that was cut more than 41 times.

After a couple of days of investigations, the police question Candy. And then, they arrest Candy for murder. Betty. However, Candy said she wasn’t innocent. Candy also claimed she shot Betty to protect herself. Candy was detained on the 27th of July and a trial was held place. This was the biggest and most exciting trial of an authority in town.

The Trial of Candace Wheeler Georgia

Before the trial the local authority performed the psychological test of Candy. Dr. Fred Fason reported that Wheeler was suffering from psychological issues since her childhood. Candy was a victim of numerous traumas to her parents as well as extreme parental pressure. The team of doctors placed Candy into hypnosis to help her understand her mental state. The investigators discovered that Candy had blacked out on the crime scene.

The jury was able to decide to release Candy. Following her freedom, Candy got divorced from her husband. At present she is employed as a therapist for families. Candy is currently living in Georgia and is about the name – Candace Wheeler Montgomery.

Why the News is Trending

In recent years, a television series has been produced concerning the event. Jessica Biel worked as Candy Montgomery as did Melanie Lynsky worked as Betty Gore in the show. The show is receiving positive reviews from viewers as well as the critics. In this show, viewers remember the classic detective story of Candy Wheeler. Numerous media outlets have published the story on different platforms.


A majority of people still believe Candy committed the crime with intent. However, later after, she was involved in the self-defence show. But, Candy is now a independent woman who lives her life with the name Candace Wheeler Georgia. All details, reports, and reports are derived from old media reports as well as from the internet sources.

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