Can Someone Steal My Phone Number Everything You Need To Know

We all have heard of common crimes regarding cyber security. One of the most common one is people stealing someone else’s phone number and pretending to be them. Such crimes are really easy but can cause a lot of trouble to the owner. Your number can be easily stolen by criminals who move your number to other phone and with the help of SMS can grant access to your bank accounts and other services.

Want to know how you can protect your phone number from the possible risks? We have got you covered.

Port Out Scam

One of the most common scams related to phone numbers is the port out scam. Port out scam is when a criminal moves your phone number to some another carrier by the process of porting. In this way, any messages or details sent to your phone number are sent directly to theirs increasing the risks of scams.

Can Someone Steal My Phone Number

This gives rise to a number of problems as most of the payments and transactions are done online these days through phone number. The log in into your accounts are done with a help of two-factor authentication that generates a pin and is sent to your mobile. When the criminal has ported your phone number the code will directly be available, putting an access to your bank accounts and other services.

Can Someone Steal My Phone Number

In other cases, you can easily stop the hacker making a complaint or putting ahold on your cards or account but having a direct access to all your codes and in turn to your income increases the risks of robbery for you. Your phone number will be associated to the new phone and your own phone won’t be receiving any messages, calls or data service.

Steps To Protect Your Phone Number

You can protect your phone number by simply putting a security pin to your cellular device. You can also get some extra security online with the help of a ‘Wireless Passcode.’ You can call your mobile services to stop any kind of porting activity you come across. You can use applications like Verizon, Sprint to set your pin. And at last, refrain from relying on phone security methods to avoid the least of chances.

Can Someone Steal My Phone Number

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