The different maps in COD: Warzone ranging from Verdansk to Caldera, all have primary weapons for the best results in the game. But even if you want to save up some money to get the next big gun in the shop, you need to know what guns to get.

So, in this article, we’ll be sharing 7 different guns that are ideal for all your Warzone matches. Also, we’ll provide some pro tips that will be highly beneficial in the game. Furthermore, here are some recommended Warzone hacks and cheats that you should use if you run into any difficulties in the game.

7 Primary Weapons for call of Duty: Warzone

  1. The Kar98k

Here you go if you want a gun that takes you halfway between assault rifles and sniper rifles. The Kar98k is the best for players who interchange between shooting from a spot for long and charging right into the heat of battle. This weapon has an impressive range and deals substantial damage.

  1. The M91

The M91 is a light machine gun, also known as an SMG. This LMG has better firepower when compared with assault rifles and deals great damage with every single shot. Its drawback, however, is that it is heavier and takes more time to reload.

  1. The MP7

Do you want a submachine gun with impressive capabilities? Then you just caught your ideal weapon in the MP7. This machine gun packs a punch that deals massive damage to enemies. More interestingly, it comes with low recoil, allowing for increased accuracy.

  1. The Cooper Carbine

The Cooper Carbine packs too much of an impressive punch for an assault rifle. This gun is known for its impressive delivery in the middle to close range combats. If you have a reliable accuracy, we can bank on you hitting all your targets at every shot.

  1. Swiss K31

Some players enjoy taking their shots from a distance. If you fall in this category, the Swiss K31 is just one sniper rifle you should consider. The weapon’s compatibility with several attachments makes it versatile for several combat situations.

  1. The C58

The C58 will give you notable results for its assault rifle class. The weapon is an allrounder with noteworthy stats. However, the most significant downside of this assault rifle is its high recoil. As a result, we recommend that you only use it in close-quarters combat situations.

  1. Automation

This weapon will give you just the best experience on Warzone without you having to make many movements in adjusting your crosshair. Impressively, this weapon delivers the best results due to its high fire rate and low recoil.

COD: Warzone – 5 pro tips for gamers

  1. Don’t be too loud

Call of Duty: Warzone comes with sound as one of its key eye-catching features. As a result, you and your allies and opponents can hear the footsteps of other players. The footsteps grow louder when the person gets closer to you and is even louder when they are running. Avoid being an easy target by walking and listening most of the time.

  1. Higher grounds are an added advantage.

Even in real-time, the person looking from above has a better view of the surroundings than those on the ground. Higher grounds such as rooftops and other elevated positions gives players a better view of the surrounding. As a result, aiming and taking accurate shots becomes much easier.

  1. You’ll always have some money.

Warzone allows you to collect money in crates as you run around the map. So, it is unwise to hoard money when there are essential items you need to buy. Visit a buy station and exchange some of that money for important items, including perks, killstreaks, attachments, and the likes. They’re better than the cash just sitting there idly.

  1. Contracts are the next big thing.

Warzone allows you to complete contracts for rewards. Contracts in the game vary and come with rewards depending on which contracts you completed. Some of the contracts are Scavenger, Bounty, Supply drop, and supply run. If you’re after money, don’t hesitate to undertake scavenger or bounty contracts when you have the chance.

  1. Where you land matters

This might not sound like it, but where you land on the map goes a long way in determining your win or loss. An important factor you should consider when choosing your landing spot is your play style. If you like it calm and prefer fighting from a distance, avoid Hospital or Superstore – they tend to be very busy and might easily weigh you down.


There you go with some of the most important information you’ll need in COD: Warzone. Know the different gun categories ranging from shotguns to sniper rifles. It makes it easier to know what weapon loadout corresponds with a particular map you’re playing on. Since having the right tools without the right skill set amounts to waste, consider the 5 pro tips we discussed above. With that combination, we can bet you a winning streak.


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