“Call of duty league” is a professional esports series for Call of Duty video games. The league unreels related to most North American professional sports leagues within all teams play scheduled games against other teams.


Call of duty league produced by Activision who is also the publisher of Call of Duty. This game was started in 2020 with the 12 numbers team participating. The United Kingdom, United States, France, and Canada took part in the tournament, 9 teams participated from the United States and 1 team each from the rest countries.

"call of duty league" everything you need to know about


Each match between two teams includes best-of-five through different games. That is based on gameplay modes and maps within the Call of Duty game.  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was played on  Ps 4 and other similar equipment for all players. There are three multiplayer modes that are used by the “Call of duty league” includes “Search & Destroy”, “Hardpoint”, and “Domination”.

In “Search & Destroy ” the one team tries to set a bomb and guards it at one of two control points, while the opposing team tries to remove the bomb. During  “Hardpoint” a rotation control point shows up on the map. The teams can earn points if control on that point is maintained. In “Domination” 3 control points shows up on the map. The teams receive award points for maintaining control of one or more of these points.

If in the case of “Search & Destroy” and “Domination”, multiple rounds can be played by swapping the role of each team, while in “Hardpoint” players play until they have reached the point limit. Once a team has won three games in a match, the match is over, and that team has won the match.

Will there be Season 2021?

The season of 2021 is organized to divide the game into five stages. Each game would end with a Major Tournament. In each stage, the teams will be divided into groups via a draft system. Every team will finish each homestand event with the finals of each event being a meeting between teams from the opposite group. During every homestand, the teams will be paid with “Call of duty league” points. The top eight teams at the end of the season will enter the championship to compete for the “Call of duty league” title.


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