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C3 Official Launch

Citroen India is launching the new C3 model in India. The new Citroen C3 is the third model in the company’s C-Cubed series. Pre-booking is also available. The customisation option will be available. The new Citroen C3 sub-compact SUV. Its official title is “hatchback without a twist”. Its unique design appeals to many. The Citroen’s distinctive grille has split headlamps in the front. It has a side profile that features multi-spoke alloys. The body is covered in skid plates at its front. C3 has already gained popularity, and people are anxiously awaiting its launch.

Features from C3

It features a sleek design and a 10.0-inch touchscreen multi-information system. It has connectivity functions and a digital cluster of instruments. Two engine options will be available for the India Citroen C3. There will be a 1.2-litre petrol engine with 81 horsepower and a petrol motor that produces 109 horsepower. But, the torque figure is still unknown. There are two transmission options available: a 5-speed MT and a 6-speed, depending on the model. The launch will see the introduction of an automatic transmission. It will be equipped with a 7 speed DCT for the turbo petrol mill.

C3 en Leading

The Citroen C3 is a unique design language that incorporates the Citroen fascia. C3 crossovers are also featured in the lower panel. It includes the base, door, and wheel. Other than that, it has distinctive alloy wheels and square-shaped back lights. C3 can be paired with either an automatic or manual transmission. For Rs 21,000, you can book C3 for your booking. The launch of C3 will take place on July 20. Citroen has all the necessary equipment to launch its second product. Pre-booking for the product’s launch has already started. You can book Citroen En Leading Citroen on the official website.

The new Citroen C3 will include safety features like ABS, EBD, and parking sensors. Expect the price to start at Rs. Price range: Rs.5.5 lakh to 10 lakh 10 lakh. The launch will bring out a competition between Tata Punch (Nissan Magnate), Renault Kiger, Kia Sonet, and Tata Tata. It comes with all the trendy features that will draw many customers. It is also more comfortable than it looks due to its exotic features.


You will receive many features when you purchase this HTML3 en Leader car. A C3 car is an affordable choice if you are looking to purchase a car. You won’t have worry about your family’s safety when you’re on the road with C3. Please visit this link to learn more .

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