Today we are so used to seeing new products and businesses pop up out of nowhere, and this is a great thing. People are coming up with creative ideas that change our lives forever; just look at Uber as an example. Who would have thought we could ever catch a ride via our smartphones? Yet here we are, doing it every day. But that’s not all. Today we can also enjoy online casino games such as the summer classic series, blackjack, online slots, and more. These are all things we never thought would become mainstream businesses. And in that breath, let’s look at some cool products from companies that are launching this year. 

Samsung’s Eco Remote

Look, Samsung is one of the world’s leading technology giants; in fact, they are probably the biggest. This South Korean company has given us everything and then some. We have smartphones, smart TVs, smart refrigerators, and smart microwaves; man, if Samsung manufactures it, you know it’s going to be top quality. And with this anticipated remote, we know we are in for a real treat. What is it? How does it work? Can the average person in the street use it? Well, yes! Now let’s look at this fascinating device.

This isn’t the electronic giant’s first rodeo with battery-less devices, and we can safely assume this will not be the last. What appeals to us is that it’s battery-less. So, it adds a sense of convenience. But then this begs the question, how do you keep it on? The eco remote draws power from radio waves emitted by Wi-Fi routers – this is so smart. Samsung has not confirmed an exact launch date, but we can still expect to see it this year.  

Withings’ Body Scan

It is brought to you by none other than wellness tech company Withings, which happened to win three Innovation Honoree Awards at CES 2022. What is the body scan system? How does it work? How will it change your life? Think of it this way; it’s a scale but a smart scale. The body scan system comes with a retractable handle that uses sensors and electrodes to monitor various things about the body. Essentially it gives you more than your weight and tells you how your body is doing physically. It comes with an app that allows you to share your results with medical professionals, as well as keep track of your health and fitness goals. 

The body scan, being dubbed as something that helps you get a handle on your health, is, quite literally, a nifty device of the future. It gives you precise weight, body composition, and heart health. Further to this, it contains technology that can assess nerve activity. Another key element here is the fact that the body scan can also identify neuropathy. This end-to-end health management system is truly groundbreaking. There has been no official launch date, but it’s slated for later this year.  

Movano Ring

Look, we are all for health and wellness. In today’s age, it becomes quite difficult to find the time to see a specialist, but things might be looking up, well, at least for women. Introducing the Movano Ring; for the most part, health tech has not been designed with women in mind, and this has finally changed. The Movano Ring is a special device that measures your heart rate, Sp02 levels, calories consumed, blood oxygen, steps taken, and so much more. It is one of the few wearables that gives you so much control over your body. Movano has said the ring works with you to make better decisions about your lifestyle by giving you all the information you need. 

It also measures your sleep and gives you a lowdown of the REM percentage. Furthermore, it will go as far as to tell you why you slept the way you did. The analysis is smart since many of us fail to understand why we sleep the way we do. Not only is this ring practical, but it’s also quite fashionable too and comes in four unique color schemes. The Movano Ring is set for release any time now. 

These are just three of the latest technology launches that we simply cannot wait for. Companies and individuals are coming up with clever ideas, products, and business models that are completely transforming our lives. Young people are also opting to launch their own businesses rather than work for a boss; this makes us excited about the future. 


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