Your final opponent in Minecraft is the End Dragon. That is what you need an End portal for. Nevertheless, we advise to construct End portals instead of searching for them, which can be quite wearisome.

How to create an End portal by your own

Minecraft remains one of the world’s most played video games for more than ten years. The game seems to offer endless possibilities. The fact that they can finish Minecraft is hidden from many players.

End Dragon is the end of the game Minecraft and it is waiting for you at the other side of the End portal. You can find this or build it yourself. 

First install the “Too many items” mod in Minecraft buy account if possible to have the necessary items to create the portal. 

The building instructions for the End Portal:

  1. Go to an open space. 
  2. Cut out a hole. 
  3. Make sure it is two blocks deep and three blocks each side.
  4. Make the walls and the floor of stones.
  5. Fill the pit completely with lava. 
  6. Build an edge of stones around the pit.
  7. Put end portal blocks onto the stones. More 
  8. On the top of them put end faces.
  9. Make sure the inside space turns black.
  10. The portal now works.

What kind of portals are there in Minecraft? 

Portals stand for: 

  • Netherportal – transits you from the overworld to the Nether and backwards.
  • End portal – takes you to the end and back to the upper world.
  • End transit portal – opens only after you kill the End dragon, moves you to the outer ring islands. 

How do I get to the End Dragon? 

Through the End Portal. Or using the command /summon end_dragon ~ ~ ~ wherever you are in the playing process.

Where to find a dragon egg? 

To obtain the dragon egg you have to overcome the End Dragon in the End. You can make it just once, for the first time. To get back to the upper world after you kill it, you have to go through the final well. On it you will find the dragon’s egg.

You cannot get another egg if you recall the End dragon and defeat it again.

How do you hatch the dragon egg? 

It is not possible to hatch it at all! The egg can be dismantled only. You can put this admirable trophy in your residence. 

How do you build a Glowstone portal?

Building the portal to Minecraft heaven:

  • Glowstone can be found in the Nether. 
  • Build an upright square of Glowstone. The size has to be 4×4 blocks.
  • Finally, fill the square with water. 
  • Now the portal is ready, that means you can go to the sky through it. 

How far away must Nether portals be?

If you want to create new portals in the Nether, then you have to build new ones not closer than 1024 blocks from each other in the upper world. If you create a portal in the upper world at a shorter distance, then it will flow into a present Nether portal.

Where can you find Netherite? 

But where can you find antique rubble? It is extremely hard to find this ore. Still the amount is just three blocks maximum in a vein. Nether is the only dimension where it can be found. In a chunk (16*6 blocks) you will find such veins between heights 8 to 22, and more between 7 and 119.

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Bonus tip: A small but interesting and useful guide on how to activate the Edge portal in Minecraft PE.

It would seem that it is easy to place the blocks of the portal in the right proportion and insert the window of the ender. But no, not quite so. Take a look at the screenshot below. If you put the portal in a 4×4 proportion, leaving empty corners, you wouldn’t succeed. And that’s because you misplaced the blocks. We need to build it a little differently. Compare 2 screenshots:

As you can see, there are small dangles at the corners of the portal blocks. They should not be in a chaotic order, but be parallel in the same direction, only then everything will work out. Well, take a good sword and go ahead, hunting the dragon!


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