Made by the Canadian startup Bubl, the Bublcam is a 360 degree camera with the help of which creators can now capture spherical panoramas of everything that is happening around them, both in photo and video formats.

As we know, 360 degree media content is quite popular nowadays as it offers an immersive viewing experience.

About the Camera

The camera allows users to stream video real time over Wi-Fi. The Image obtained from the camera has zero blindspots, thanks to its tetrahedral design that allows four 190 degree lenses to be positioned in such a way that their images overlap and can result in a perfectly stitched 360 degree image. It can capture 14 Mega Pixel Spherical photos and can record 720p video at 30 frames per second or 1080p at 15 frames per second.

The Camera Software

Apart from the neat hardware styling, the Bublcam 360 comes with extremely well optimised software that can take a multiplex image that consists of four separate camera views and stitch the quadrants together to form a 360 degree image in real time. The creators have shared that Calibration of the device was quite a task and it had to go through a lot of iterations before they could get it right.

Since Multiplex imagery was an untested area in general, the creators had to team up with university professors and students in Canada to hone algorithms required to get the calibration right.

Bublcam’s founders had been dependent of receiving crowdfunding for around $100,000 for the device to go into production. They R&D, they say, had been funded by themselves. CEO Ramsay said that the camera was going to be priced at around $800, which is kind of steep for a consumer gadget.

Selling the Camera is not the only trick that Bubl’s got up its sleeves. It aims to grab the opportunity and make use of the great potential that it sees in licensing both its hardware and software, which can prove to be the competitive advantage that can help the Company get ahead of its rivals, as almost none of the rival companies had tried to tackle both hardware and software together themselves.

Bubblecam 360 Camera: Welcome to the Future!They are also planning to come up with their photo and video viewer applications (for desktop and mobile) so that the content captured using their cameras can be explored and experienced in the best possible manner.

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