Recently, American singer Nick Jonas came up with his thoughts on BTS. He reminiscence the time when he saw them at the concert while he was promoting his upcoming solo album, spaceman, on a radio show. He mentioned BTS on the show and shared his thoughts on them.

Nick Jonas believes that BTS’s ‘ability to have that freedom as a group is really rare’

On being asked about how does he plan that which song will go for his solo and which song will go for Jonas brother group song.

He said that it’s been long time now that he have been coming across such questions. Further he added that it might be surprising for people out there for him to do both but for him that’s the actual beauty of this new stage where his brothers and him are somewhere setting back in 2019, regaining that happiness, relaunched everything.

He further said that he actually look at BTS, for instance, and he went to one of their show, the Rose Bowl California, a couple of years ago and it was cool to see them, kind of doing their individual songs and then coming back as the group and doing their songs together. And then, the ability to have that freedom as a group is really rare.

BTS's Unity and freedom as group inspires Nick Jonas!!!


Fans thanked Nick for his words: ARMY’s reaction

@jimimikook tweeted, “i love this so much. not everyone sees bts for their artistic value and worth. nick jonas actually appreciates them as musicians and that is so heart warming.”

@BTSOriented wrote on twitter, “Not but Nick Jonas is right…. seeing BTS navigating through their solo and BTS projects so seamlessly is indeed super satisfying. No greed, they’re actually lifting each other up. Whether it’s on stage or during the process, they feed off each other artistically.”

Recently Nick has revealed his two new songs from his new album. The first track is named as “spaceman” whereas the newly released track is named “This is Heaven“. Along with these new tracks he also once said that the songs in this new albums are a kind of love letters to his wife (Priyanka Chopra).

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