Brittany Maynard People Magazi View On Death with Dignity

We all have heard about the Right to education, the Right to speak, the Right to vote and many others. But have you ever heard about Right to Die? There we are going to talk about Brittany Maynard who become well known for Death With Dignity law in People Magazine.

Why does she think about Death with Dignity?

In her interview with People Magazine, we came to know she is supporting Death with Dignity laws nationwide. She even started an online video campaign with Compassion & Choices which is an end-of-life advocacy organization.brittany maynard people magazi

She even stated that at that point it’s only available to some Americans which she considers as really unethical. She also has a website for The Brittany Maynard Fund where she has written that her Death with Dignity laws have got surpassed their wildest expectations.

The reason why she has started this campaign is not for mere attention from the public but she wants to see a world where everyone has access to death with dignity, as she has had. Her journey becomes easier because of this choice. She even stated that it was quite difficult for her to process this all.

brittany maynard people magazi

She also explains how difficult her life was as she has to take prescription drugs to reduce the swelling in her brain, but instead, it caused her entire body to swell. She and her husband, Dan had to give up their dreams of having a family. Her mother is going to lose her only child which is so hard for her mom as we know no parent in the world wants to bury their child.

The reason why is choosing Death with Dignity

In January 2017, she has diagnosed with grade 2 astrocytoma. This diagnosis has to lead her to have surgery, a partial craniotomy and a partial resection of her temporal lobe.

.brittany maynard people magazi

But sadly, within the weeks the tumour came back and which leads her to diagnosed with a stage 4 glioblastoma.In April 2017, her doctors have told her that she had six months to live. As her tumour becomes so large which required nearly a full brain radiation. This leads her to burned all the hair off her head and caused burns to her scalp.

After doing so much research, she and her family sadly agree on the conclusion that her life is not going to save by any treatment. She decided to end her life on November 1 2017 at her home in Portland, Oregon and at the time she was 29 years old. 

She also explains the difference between Suicide and Death with Dignity is that there is not a single part of her body that wants to die but she is dying. She is suffering a lot from the pain and she wants it to stop anyways she is going to die..brittany maynard people magazi brittany maynard people magazi

Her mother Debbie Ziegler told People magazine that it is not only a different choice but it is also brave and dignified. She has great admiration for people who are terminally ill and just fight and fight. She considers them as dignified and brave.

She has also said that ” And then beyond that, to encourage people to make a difference. If they will relate to my story, if they accept the truth with this issue on a philosophical level, to get out there and do what we would like to try to make a change in this country.”

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