Brief Information Helio Phone and Everything You Need To know

Helio belongs to Wireless Communication Industry and was founded in 26 January 2005. It doesn’t succeed in it’s job as it expected. But that doesn’t mean it never succeed and that’s why we are going to look about one of phone service it provided that is Helio Ocean.

Brief Information of Helio Ocean

helio phone

Helio Ocean was designed to be not only the ultimate messaging and talking machine but also the definitive mobile social networking experience. This device get great attention from more mainstream audience compared to other Helio services which were generally for Ultra cool hipsters.

helio phone

For now it may seem useless as we have smartphones which are more advanced but in 2006 it was great help for users. It is considered as perfect converged device.

 Features we get in Helio Ocean 

  1. Portable Telephone functions 
  2.  camera phone
  3. portable media player
  4. stereo Bluetooth
  5. 2 megapixel camera with flashhelio phone
  6.  MPEG-4 video camera 3
  7. G speed EV-DO network support
  8.  built-in GPS
  9. MMS support
  10. removable battery
  11. Web browser
  12. calculator
  13. alarm clock
  14.  calendar
  15.  caller ID 
  16.  speaker phone
  17.  voice memo recorder
  18. record call feature
  19. address book 
  20.  T9 Text
  21.  Korean character set supporthelio phone

The reason why it succeed 

It had Internal GPS with a version of Google Maps. Not only in Google maps we also get Buddy Beacon application which helps to share their current location to each other, visible via MapQuest for those who have Buddy Beacon-enabled phones.

helio phone

E-mail communication services like for Helio Mail, Yahoo! Mail, Windows Live Hotmail, AOL Mail, Gmail, EarthLink, and user-defined POP or IMAP accounts was available.Users can build custom applications including Opera Mini on 2 August 2007. Users can have Youtube experience in which you can perform video capture and upload to YouTube.

The most popularity it get from when it was featured in early Keeping Up With The Kardashians where we get to  see Kris Jenner is seen using it on the early episodes.

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