Boruto’s Chapter 59 introduced us to another series supervillain, Daemon. He is Eida’s younger brother, and he will serve as her guardian knight because she isn’t very adept at close combat. Meanwhile, Amado offers Kawaki the opportunity to acquire more karma and use it as a weapon against Code. It’s odd to get such an offer, especially from someone well aware of karma’s evils. After watching chapter 59, Anime fans are eagerly waiting for Boruto Chapter 60. So, go through the article and know more about Boruto Chapter 60 release date, spoiler and where to read.

boruto chapter 60

Release Date of Boruto Chapter 60 and where to Read?

Because this manga is published every month, a new chapter will be released on the 20th of each month, so Boruto Chapter 60 will be released on July 20th, 2021. On MangaPlus and Viz, fans may read the manga online for free, along with the current three chapters.

boruto chapter 60

Boruto Chapter 60 Spoiler

Amado’s motivation for restoring Kawaki’s karma will most likely be revealed in Chapter 60. Is it truly for Konoha’s good? Or does he have a self-serving motive? Meanwhile, Eida will use her clairvoyant eyes to observe everything and patiently wait for the right moment to assault Konoha.

Therefore, she must rely on Code and Daemon for physical combat because her improvised Taijutsu skills aren’t up to the task. To put it another way, Eida will be the brain, and Code will be the muscle. However, because the current scenario is not in their favour, they will refrain from taking any risks. Now, once you’ve finished reading the manga, you’ll find out what happens next.

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