Borderlands 3 Proving Grounds Solo Everything You Need To Know

Borderland 3 is insanely popular among gamers. It can make any normal gamer into a hardcore gamer. There are some important things players need to know about this gamer. That’s why here we are going to discuss Proving Grounds.

What is Providing Ground?

To know the location of Providing Ground players needs to solve alien messages. Things players can do is win against waves of enemies either solo or with friends through matchmaking. The thing that makes it most interesting is that players need to finish set goals within a 30-minute time limit for a possibility at the games best loot.

borderlands 3 proving grounds solo


  1. Players first need to unlock any of the endgames activities for which the main quest has to be complete. 
  2. After finishing it, players get to know about beacons scattered in the world which each carries to a specific Trial.borderlands 3 proving grounds solo
  3. Players need to find Eridian Analyzer and interpreted aged alien text off all of the Eridian Stone Slabs.
  4. From it, players can get one of the collectables in Borderlands 3.

Note – Still now there are six Trials available at launch and players can get each being one of the Proving Grounds dungeons.


Players can see beacons when they appear on the map as a yellow exclamation mark. To active Proving Grounds quest, players need to Locate one of the beacons and also expect to go back to Sanctuary III to speak with Tannis.

borderlands 3 proving grounds solo

Still, now, there are Six beacons that can be located in Borderlands 3:

  1. The Trial of Survival: Players Found on Pandora in the Devil’s Razor.
  2. The Trial of Cunning: Players Found on Pandora in the Splinterlands.
  3. The Trial of Discipline: Players Found on Promethea in the Meridian Outskirts.
  4. The Trial of Supremacy: Players Found on Nekrotafeyo in the Desolation’s Edge.
  5. The Trial of Instinct: Players Found on Eden-6 in the Floodmoor Basin.
  6. The Trial of Fervor: Players Found on Eden-6 in Jakobs Estate.

borderlands 3 proving grounds solo

What to do after that?

Providing Grounds give players the best chance to unlock some of the game’s best loot. Players have to complete certain objectives to complete for a promising chance at good loot.

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