Are you noticing your first Bobby Blythe Karate Dojo Accidentstrings? You should study the key threads in relation to the topic.

Are you aware of the release of a video about bullying back in 1980? If you’re interested in be aware, you should follow up on the text. Karate is a form of martial arts which was found in Japan. Additionally, it is about fighting and protecting with the body, which includes punches and kicks.

If someone abuses the techniques against innocent people and is found to constitute a threat to the community. A similar incident was reported and condemned by many United States people. We will start discussing the Bobby Blythe’s Karate Dojo Accident to find out more.

Illustrating The Incident

According to a thread from a few days ago in the forum, a heartbreaking footage of 13th December 1984 was made public in 2009. Additionally, the video showed that a man was seriously hurt through Bobby Joe Blythe, the owner of a dojo in Dumfries as well as a sixth-degree black belt at the period of time.

According to the footage it appears that the incident started when someone walked into the dojo to demonstrate his moves and abilities. Then, Bobby sarcastically introduces the man with the red 10th grade belt and Jesus’s disciple. The video, however, showed Bobby and a few students beating him severely.

Further Details On Bobby Blythe Karate Dojo Incident

In spite of the man’s demands the attackers continued to hit him until he was unconscious. As per the video the man was thrown out of the dojo. The entire footage was shocking and left many in rage. The six-minute video was released on the YouTube channel titled bobbyjoeblythe007 that carried the title ‘Jesus Taught Me’ subtitle. Shortly after the release of the video there was a flurry of inquiries about the man.

However, a source has revealed that a police officer had a meeting with the man just a few days following the incident and said that he was a migrant. Additionally this thread on Bobby Blythe Karate Dojo Incident thread revealed that the homeless man went missing for around two weeks after being assaulted. We have not yet discovered his name on none of the social networks.

Public Comments On The Video

The video on YouTube gained a lot of views and viewers were mostly asking questions regarding the owner and expressed anger. There were also those who came forward to offer justice to the victim, however they failed. For instance the page on Facebook, Justice 4 Kung Fu Guy was set up by offenders who haven’t posted any new content.

According to a source, we discovered that Bobby is now living at Hanford and has decided to stop being an instructor of martial arts. Additionally one of the threads on Bobby Blythe Karate Dojo accident thread mentioned that between his year 2003 as well as 2011, he suffered through a major crash with head injuries. We recommend that not to hurt or abuse another person physically or emotionally to ensure the health of our society.

The Final Verdict

The article highlighted the shocking video from 1984, showing Bobby Joe Blythe and his supporters beating a man who was challenged. The illustrations are only a brief overview of the subject for educational purposes and the information is drawn from online threads. Learn the karate threads in this article.


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