Smartwatches have become fairly common among the general public these days. From using it to track fitness and sleep to using it to respond to calls, texts and switching music, smartwatches have proven to be very useful gadgets and absolute necessities for some.

Smartwatches are manufactured by several companies and run on various different operating systems, offering a different variety of features to the customers to choose from. Therefore, based on their requirements and taste, users get to choose which smartwatch to buy.

Blocks Smartwatch Price, Features

BLOCKS released the world’s first modular smartwatch on Kickstarter, after unveiling it way back in 2015. The product was priced at $259 and was made available through the company’s official website.

Blocks Modular Smartwatch Price, Features and Everything You Need to Know!

The main body of the device comes with an Anti- Glare always on AMOLED screen that is 1.39 inch in size. Powered by a quad- core MediaTek processor, this device has 512MB RAM , 4 GB of internal storage and a 350 mAh battery. It comes with a built in microphone and speaker and runs on Android Oreo.

Apart from the body, what is interesting are the things that don’t come with the main body. Since this is a modular smartwatch, the company offers additional features in the form of detachable wristband pieces sold separately.

About the Product

Although the main body looks quite simple and similar to that of the LG Watch Style, this offers users unique customisation features that can be opted as per their requirements.

Users can spend extra money for hardware like an environmental sensor, heart rate sensor, LED flashlight, NFC Payment module, GPS, adventure module, extra battery and so on. Apart from this, the fact that modular devices like these are comparatively more Future proof, given the fact that future development can bring in newer features makes this quite an exciting gadget to purchase.

Even though the modular smartwatch by BLOCKS offers great features, customisation and functionality, critics and reviewers were not really sure if it would be a hit. This is due to the fact that it turns out to be quite expensive with all the features ticked. The body alone is priced at $259, apart from which buyers would have to pay $35 extra for each additional module they end up purchasing. The total price of the smartwatch with all the six additional straps available adds up to around $469.

Therefore reviewers are not really sure if the average smartwatch wearers and first time customers are ready for such pricey modular electronic devices yet, judging from the rather miserable sales numbers of Motorola’s pricey Moto mods and considering the fact that other smartwatches come with similar sensors and features for much lower prices.

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