With the show “Blacklist” coming back right up after Liz Keene’s death and having completed 4 episodes, we can’t help but wonder will the crime fighy crew will continue to work or make season 9 the finale.

Production crew:

Davis Entertainment in association with Universal Television and Sony Pictures Television brought this masterpiece to reality.

BlackList Season 10 Release Date Cast Plot and More

It is being directed by Michael W. Watkins. Jon Bokenkamp wrote and created the Blacklist show. Anthony Sparks is the producer.

Executive producers

Joe Carnahan, Jon Bokenkamp, James Spader, John Davis, John Eisendrath, and John Fox


Raymond “Red” Reddington by James Spader

Dembe Zuma by Hisham Tawfiq

Donald Ressler by Diego Klattenhoff

Alina Park portrayed by Laura Sohn

Harold Cooper is played by Harry Lennix

Aram Mojtabai by Amir Arison

Weecha Xiu by Diany Rodriguez

Tom Keen by Ryan Eggold

Meera Malik by Parminder Nagra

Samar Navabi by Mozhan Marno

BlackList Season 10 Release Date Cast Plot and More

Episodes in season 9

As much as we know, season 9 is currently airing with 4 episodes being released.
The Blacklist season 9 episode 5 is set to release on 18 November 2021.

1 -The Skinner

2 – The Skinner: Conclusion

3 – The SPK

4 – The Avenging Angel

5 – Benjamin T. Okara

BlackList Season 10 : Release Date and Plot

Since Blacklist Season 9 is still going on with a moderate number of views, we can’t say for sure if there will be a season 10. Going along with the history, we think Netflix might keep this gem for more longer and have this show another season by 2023-2024 considering there was a year gap between season 8 and season 9.

BlackList Season 10 Release Date Cast Plot and More

When it comes to plot, with Elizabeth Keen, a major role and connection to Raymond Reddington dying, we were left hanging considering what might after such a severe loss. The show will have to take a different to keep the storyline intact.

Where is the Blacklist season currently at?

Season 9 episode 1 premiered on 21st October  2021. The series start with 2 years being passed after Liz’s death and till now we have seen Dembe who has now taken the role of an undercover FBI agent gets caught in an explosion.

Lets have a quick recap of season 9

With Dembe being injured and his partner killed, Harold Cooper goes on to bring his team back and find thise responsible for this.
Skinner might be the new villian for this season who burns people alive.

Yes, absurdly he might also be a 700 year old pirate. With him being the common goal of Red and the team, Ressler and Red might end up working together to catch this evil pirate.

Will there be a Season 10?

As we can see that, Blacklist is the 3rd longest running show. It has accomdating a huge array of viewers and ratings since the beginning.

BlackList Season 10 Release Date Cast Plot and More

Season 9 has received 0.33% rating, even after the lead characters might be a glimpse of hope for the show to perform better and beughter.

With the show airing days have been shifted to Thursday we hope the ratings and the series quality shoots to give way for Season 10!

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