Black Desert Online Best PvP Class

Black Desert Online is a fantasy multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that was developed by Pearl Abyss and published by  Microsoft Windows in 2015. After the popularity of the initial game a mobile version was also introduced in 2019. The game is a free play but comes up with but to play business models inside. The game revolves around different players playing together to win and hence the PvP (players verus player)build becomes the most important.

We have come up some amazing PvP models for the hardcore game!

Gameplay, Theme And Features

The game is based in a high fantasy setting revolving around the conflict between two rival nations The Republic of Calpheon and the Kingdom of Valencia. Calpheon is materialist while Valencia is spiritual. Also Read.

Black Desert Online Best PvP Class


The four main lands Calpheon, Serendis, Balenos and Mediah were at peace until the Black Death started spreading from the merchants of Valencia leading to deaths and plague. The rest of the three lands made an alliance to fight Valencia.

After the war, all the countries started doing trade again in the greed to get the black stones. They stole stones from each other leading to conflicts and wars.

Black Desert Online Best PvP Class


The game has got positive responses and a mixed reviews from critics rising to an average of 70/100 across the different playing consoles. In 2016, the game sold 40,000 copies. I has 3.4 million registered players in different parts of the world with 10 million registrations in 2018. As of 2020, the game reached 40 million registrations with a gross profit of $1.7 billion.

Black Desert Online Best PvP Class

Best PvP Class

  • Tamer: The tamer calls upon ally for its damage. It has a pet that can distract any enemy and assists you.
  • Striker: It is for those who have relentless and blunt aggression. The attacks have high mobility and its rotations are really simpler.
  • Ninja: It is the king of classes with best grieving and defending techniques. The Ninja can vanish with a smoke bomb and is defensive. The enemy can lose its sight while attacking this character.
  • Sorceress: It is the oldest classes in the game with a reputation being reliable and safe. It is great offensive all-rounder with amazing defence.
Black Desert Online Best PvP Class
Black Desert
  • Hashashin: It is the male equivalent of Sorceress and is offensive. It has a wide range of attacking skills.
  • Lahn: It is the best in grinding stones and moving from place to place. It is famous for her grab attacks blind sighting her opponents.
  • Ranger: The beautiful Ranger comes with narrow attacks and is feared in the grinding spots.
  • Kunoichi: It is the female counterpart of Ninja and has a nice range to compensate the lower damage and can attack in wider area as compared to the Ninja.


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