Black Desert Mobile (BDM) is an android and IOS adaptation of  Black Desert online. It is just like the original online game . Almost all the features in the original is present in this game too. The developer of the game, Pearl Abyss has made many decisions in favor of the user. We will  have a look into the details.

Black Desert Mobile Guide: Features, Classes and Max Level

Black Desert Mobile Guide: Features

This game, Black Desert Mobile offers Bluetooth controller support.  A PlayStation 4 or Xbox One bluetooth controller can be paired to your Android device or Iphone. But the functionality available from it  will be limited. This means that you will be able to move the camera, your character and utilise basic moves.

In Black Desert Mobile Game, your family name is your surname. This name will be unique to you and all your characters. A change in family name can be done by purchasing a name change coupon for 400 Pearls. After purchasing this coupon, you can change your family name.

Your character name will be your first name, and your family name will be  your last name. Every new character can adapt a new name, but will have to keep the same family name.

Black Desert Mobile Classes.

These are the list of the Black Desert mobile classes.

  • Striker
  • Dark Knight
  • Giant
  • Ranger
  • Valkyrie
  • Warrior
  • Witch
  • Sorceress

You can choose your classes according to your play style.

How the Autoplay Works in Black Desert Mobile

This facility offers the players an opportunity to use the auto attack feature,  which will make the auto attack  feature much easier. To unlock this you will have to finish the Ancient Stone Chamber story quest. This comes at the thirteenth level.

What is the max level of Black Desert Mobile

Players can awaken their character at level 65, which will certainly change their play style. Once this character class is awake, you will get new abilities, weapons and more.

Pearl Abyss has officially started the Black Desert Mobile Node Wars pre-season. It is very important to know how to tame a horse in Black Desert Mobile. You will need raw sugar and a horse taming rope  for this.

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