Biden Pledge for Global Covid-19 Vaccination Worldwide

Joe Biden is using his first presidential, virtual meeting with the leaders of G-7 countries to announce that the US will be releasing $4 billion to support the poor nations for the purchase of the coronavirus vaccine.

Biden’s Meeting with the G-7 Countries.

Joe Biden, in the meeting, announced $4 billion to the global fight against COVID – 19. This move is associated with resuming the unquestioned leader of the country during a global crisis. The program intends to distribute the Covid-19 vaccine to the poorest countries in the world.Biden Pledge for Global Covid-19 Vaccination Worldwide Biden is also encouraging the G-7 partners, to cooperate with COVAX,  which is an initiative by WHO to give more access to the vaccines.

Decisions Made in the meeting.

The White House press secretary Jen Paski told the reporters, that the US will work through COVAX, to make sure that the vaccines and funds are distributed equally in different parts of the world. The fund will be distributed throughout 2022.

Now, we can wait and see how G-7 allies will cooperate with Biden’s call for vaccine distribution. G-7 includes countries like the United States, Canada, Germany, Japan, Britain, France,  and Italy.

Emmanual Macron, the French President in an interview has asked the US and other European countries to give five per cent of current vaccine supplies to developing countries. It is reported by different media sources that, 130 countries have still not received a single dose of the vaccine. At this moment, vaccine equity is the greatest test before society.

U.N Secretary-General Antony Guterres remarked that the Covid-19, vaccines are distributed unevenly. More than 75% of the vaccine is distributed in 10 countries only.

Trump was against COVAX, due to its ties with WHO.  Trump had accused that the World Health Organization, had covered China’s faults in handling the virus spread. Biden joined back in WHO, as soon as he came to power, Trump had pulled the US out of World Health Organization, earlier.

In the virtual meet conducted by the G-7 countries, another issue that was given importance is the economic challenges and the collective competitiveness posed by China.  Biden has also plans to visit Pfizer’s vaccine manufacturing facility.

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