Best Realistic Fighting Games for PS4, Xbox1, Nintendo & Xbox 365

When you think of the Best Realistic Fighting Games video games, names like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat pop up in your mind. But let’s face it, they aren’t exactly the only realistic fighting games, we have so many other options.

Here’s a list of our hand picked Best Realistic Fighting Games.

WWF No Mercy (Nintendo 64: 2000)

best realistic fighting games

We are not going to argue over the fact whether professional wrestling can be counted as a sport or not. No Mercy is a one-on-one combat game. To win in the video game world you will require just as much skill and dedication as any other fighting game.

The WWE 2K series undoubtedly offers the best wrestling experience compared to any other fighting game in today’s era. WWF No Mercy provides the best tactical wrestling gameplay. It has a perfectly timed strike and reversal system. The game still remains all-over exciting years later.

Fight Night Champion (PS3, Xbox 360: 2011)

best realistic fighting games

EA has been the home of some perfectly splendid boxing games over the years. Fight Night Champion remains the best of the group. Fight Night gathers around a massive bunch of boxers. They come from both past and present. Fight Night Champion actually allows you to settle ancient spats on who will rise undefeated between champions of different generations.

If you wish to see Muhammad Ali battle it out with Mike Tyson, both boxers on top of their games, then FNC is the only place. Only this game will provide you the opportunity to do it. The game also features legends like George Foreman, Lennox Lewis, Sonny Liston, Sugar Ray Leonard and many more.

EA Sports UFC (PS4, Xbox One: 2014)

best realistic fighting games

EA Sports UFC, created by EA Canada and SkyBox Labs is a mixed martial arts Best Realistic Fighting Games. The artificial intelligence of the game accommodates changes mid-game in player strategies. This makes your gaming experience more realistic compared to the previous UFC games.

Moreover, you also get to simulate a full body thrashing and deformation to help the players in feeling more connected with their game-character. Also you can unlock several perks throughout your career to boost game strategy.

Mortal Kombat (Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox1: 2018)

best realistic fighting games

Developed by NetherRealm Studios, Mortal Kombat is an action packed Best Realistic Fighting Games. It is the eleventh part of the original Mortal Kombat series. It has amazing gameplay, story and graphics to keep you hooked for a really long time.

The game comes with exciting new krushing blows and fatal blows. Shinnok is defeated and Dark Raiden vows to protect Earthrealm. Raiden decapitates Shinnok to make an example out of him. This is where Kronika, Shinnok’s mother, comes in the story. She erases Raiden’s interference. Play the game to seek out what happens next.

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