Best Mmorpg Character Creation

MMORPG is also known as a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that is popular nowadays. This genre is always loved by gamers. That why here we are going to tell you some best MMORPG character creation.


best mmorpg character creation

It has the cool customization options in the MMORPG world. It is well known for its sheer uniqueness of it.

You are given full control over the design and build of your vehicle. Do you know what that means? It means that you can control what you had over your “lifeform” in Spore, now multiply that by two or three. It’s that great!

You should check it out as it’s also free to play.

City Of Heroes

best mmorpg character creation

You are going to love that you can create your very own hero with a shocking amount of control. This classic game has way too much to offer.

Things you can control

  1. their power combination
  2.  their race 
  3.  the battle cr
  4. Background archetypes
  5. You can have your cape past a certain level.

Maplestory 1 & 2

best mmorpg character creation

How can we forget Maplestory? It has an incredible amount of customization options. You can’t compare it with any game. It is impossible.

It’s well known and best for

  1. where one can get a helmet that’s just a bear who sits on their head
  2. constantly has collaborations with anime series and/or K-Pop groups like BTS
  3. You can pick the number of different classes and jobs.
  4. You also have a Cash shop, a place where you can buy a shocking amount of cosmetics for your characters.

Many people love Kpop, especially BTS and anime too. Then having a game like this can makes people happy. We hope all gaming Army (BTS fandom name) are happy with this information.

Blade & Soul

best mmorpg character creation

When we talk about unique games then this one is what we going to recommend. It is mostly based on Chinese/Korean folklore and has four playable races (the Gon, Lyn, Yun, and Jin).

The best thing about this game is it does give you the tools to make just about any character you want. For all loyal fans of this, there will be new classes and content coming every once in a while.

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