Best Impact Memes Of All Time

When we are using social media in today’s world then Meme is a known word unless you are a boomer. Meme plays a major role not only in entertainment but can used for social messages too. But have to ever wonder why every meme use the same font? There I am doing to give you the detailed info regarding these impact memes.

History of Impact

The impact is a typeface in which you see white words with a black outline. This typeface was discovered in 1965. Geoff Lee is the founder of this typeface and he sold the typeface to the type foundry Stephenson Blake. Stephenson Blake is a smart person as he knows that impact is a good typeface and it is easy to read and noticeable.

Best Impact Memes Of All Time

This is the reason why people use impact for their creating memes.

What is the value of Impact memes today?

The impact is still reliable for memes even though Arial Black and  Comic Sans provided some competition.

Best Impact Memes Of All Time There are millions of new typeface still impact is going on for memes is a great thing. Great job Geoff Lee. This Impact still has great importance in the meme world. One in your life you have seen an impact meme. Just because you are using Impact typeface doesn’t make a great meme. 

Best Impact Memes Of All Time

With appropriate content and this Impact typeface a buzz creating memes can be produced. Many people call its Meme font. Isn’t that crazy? Impact typeface has shown that with right typeface can cause a real effect on your content. Even the founder of Something Awful Richard Kyanka says that:

“I believe the first time the font face changed to Impact was when somebody posted an image of a very obese black woman wearing a spandex superhero outfit, and the text just said ‘DAAAAMN.’ After that, everybody seemed to use Impact.”

This is the cause of the Revolution in the Meme world. So what are you waiting for? Create your crazy memes by using Impact and share your laughter.I hope it was helpful. Remember Sharing is Caring. Be safe and happy.

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