You can easily browse, edit, comment on, convert, and secure your PDF files with iTop PDF, which is a powerful PDF application with a user-friendly interface. In addition to being an excellent option for generating high-quality PDF files—with features like content editing, adding text, images, and various annotations, attaching links, manipulating pages, adding your own stamp or watermark, etc.—it’s also a potent converter that can easily transform PDF files into other formats like Word, Image, Excel, PPT, Text, etc.

You may quickly and easily make changes to your PDF with the help of iTop PDF’s extensive set of editing tools. This PDF editor program is incredibly user-friendly, SodaPDF making it simple to make any sort of changes.

iTop, a software development company founded in 2016, aims to create trustworthy programs so that people can live better digital lives, and its products are available for use on Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac computers. Trusted by over 20 million users in 120+ countries, iTop is rapidly expanding its global presence thanks to its cutting-edge, user-friendly design and cutting-edge technology.

How to Convert PDF to other file Formats with iTop PDF?

PDF to Office, picture, text, RTF, and PDF/A conversion is supported, as is the creation of PDFs from Microsoft Office documents, photos, and files. With the ability to do these things while disconnected from the internet, consumers’ information is safer.

After downloading iTop PDF, the free Windows PDF editor, you can start converting files.  Under the Convert menu, we have the option of converting  PDFs to various file types. It’s capable of changing PDFs into editable documents in Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. PDF files can be changed to JPGs, text, or PDF/A formats. PDF/A is a subset of PDF that includes the embedded fonts necessary for long-term archiving without concern for the continued availability of the original fonts.

Transform PDF Documents into Other Formats

Converting a PDF file to other formats is easy with iTop PDF. Here are three options for changing just one PDF.

Observe and Change

To convert a PDF to a different format, open it in iTop PDF, go to the File menu, and then select Convert > click To Word/To Excel/To PPT/To Image, etc.

• The iTop PDF Converter window will show up, allowing you to select a destination and a save format.

• Once the conversion is complete, you may either double-click the file to open it locally, or go to the Open Directory menu and select the file there.

Use the “Convert” option by right-clicking

To convert a PDF to a Word document, simply right-click the file and select the option to do so from the context menu.

What else you can do with iTop PDF?

1. Create, modify, and manage PDF documents 

PDF utilities include the ability to merge many PDFs into a single one, split huge PDFs into multiple smaller ones, compress PDFs to lower their overall size, add an electronic signature to your documents, extract pages from PDFs, replace pages with new ones, insert pages, and crop pages.

2. Efficient PDF Manager

The PDF editor provides convenient tools to modify your files as needed, such as Extract, Insert, Replace, Crop, and Rotate.

3. Personalize Your Stamp

Feel free to add your own stamp and modify existing ones, or choose premade stamps based on popularity.

4. Safe PDF Plus

Password-protecting and redacting your PDF files is a great way to keep private information secure.

SummaryiTop PDF is an all-in-one PDF editor that makes working with PDFs a breeze, no matter how little experience you have. Page content in PDF files can be modified, converted, and managed with relative ease.


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