Fallout 4 is an amazing action role-playing game. This amazing game has received awards for Game of the Year and Best Game at the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences and British Academy Games Awards. Here I am going to tell you the best female companion in this game. Let’s begin.


In Public, Occurrences Piper works as a reporter. She is working from Diamond City.  Your first interaction with Piper takes place when you arrive at the city gates where you find her struggling to get in. She is available as a companion to you when you give her an interview.

She is good in combat in addition to her rebellious personality which dislikes any forms of authority. No wonder why she uses reporting. Her choice of weapon is Pistol. When you have a great relationship with her she will grant the Gift of Gab Perk.

Best female Companion in Fallout 4 Everything You Need To Know


She is a drug-addicted person by which she is not having a complete life. Still, she is the strong and skilled companion to have. With the shotgun, she can easily handle fights on her own. Due to her violent acts, she is always to be a raider.

The best quality of her is that she can pick up any lock you needed. It is beneficial for your life in the wasteland. After gaining her worthy trust she will give you the Trigger Rush perk.

Best female Companion in Fallout 4 Everything You Need To Know


She is one of the most powerful companions in this game. When you first encounter her you don’t consider her as a human being. Her Mr Handy form is not much use in combat that why you need to transfer her to a synthetic body.

She considers any act of kindness and generosity. After having her affinity peck combat Medic which grants you 100 HP once every 24 hours if you drop under 10% of your HP. How kind she is.

Best female Companion in Fallout 4 Everything You Need To Know

Female are really good companion in real life. They play a major role in the success of any person by being a mother, sister, girlfriend or lover. They are always there for you if you gain their trust. The same goes for the game. I hope it was helpful. Remember Sharing is Caring. Be safe and happy.

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