MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online Games) are games that are played online with players from all over the world on the same server. What makes these games interesting are the features, graphics and character creation. While most of the games pay attention to features and graphics Character creation is usually not paid much attention.

Character Creation

Character creation can easily ruin or make your experience of playing a game. Besides the features the game should be inviting to your eyes and should be interesting. The most famous games like PUBG or GTA have an amazing realistic character build that makes them the most downloaded games. A more relatable and eye- catching character can make the game 45% more interesting.

Best Character Creation MMO And Everything You Need to Know The Character

Best Character Creation MMO

1. Black desert online

The game gives you amazing character customization in it’s new update. The large amount of variables one can play while creating OC is shocking and is best for those who don’t want to spend hours creating their character. ALSO READ

2. EVE Online

It is a free game where you can do whatever you want. You can either make ships or fight in wars or smuggle cargo avoiding conflicts. The game is rather complex but allows you to customize everything possible in every detail possible.

3. World of Craft

This game leaves behind all the logics by building an insurmountable throne at the top of all titles. It gives a large variety of characters, customisations and cosmetic options.

4.Guild Wars II

Released back in 2012, it is one of the best character creators. The player is supposed to pick his/her character’s past, present and future all at once that helps them to build their own personality traits. The game gives a wide variety of unique designs and backgrounds to choose from .

5. Phantasy Star Online II

The gameplay is action oriented the character creator totally understands the needs of his audience and has designed the characters in customisable, equippable and variable fashion.

Best Character Creation MMO

6. Blade and Soul

Based of chinese/korean folk culture, the design is unique that helps you to fight games with attacks. It gives you insane tools to build whatever and however you want to build your character.

7. Warframe

You can customise everything like weapons, load-outs, ships and pets. The Digital Workers have really experimented with the creation in this game. Also Read

8. City of Heroes

You can customise everything from cape, race, battle cry, background and archetypes. The combination of powers, features, design make it a top-notch game. Also Read

9. Tera

This game allows you to customise even the tiny dog creatures. The game comes with 7 different races to cater your every demand.

10. Final Fantasy XIV

After a constant series of expansions, updates and character changes the game has returned with huge response. Create-a-characters can look extremely amazing with the different amount of tools, races, classes and cosmetics.

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