While establishing a business, there are many things to consider to have your new venture off the ground. A primary factor among these is the logo design and visual identity that goes with it. A logo helps spread your brand culture to customers.

When it is about to create a logo, most entrepreneurs fall into two groups. Some people create a logo using a free online logo maker, while others prefer to engage with a professional designer.

There have been several discussions about which is better, so here is a go through over the benefits and losses of each option to help you decide once and for all! Let’s look at the benefits of these choices and which one is more appropriate.

Why is a Logo Required?

A logo may be thought of as a brand’s face. It’s the first thing a potential customer will observe about your company. A logo is something far more than just an image; it acts as a recognition point for customers and a crucial basis for your company’s branding. Clients are supposed to establish opinions about a company in as little as a few seconds. A well-constructed logo is a simple way to show prospective customers that your company is competent, dependable, and provides high-quality goods and services. An online logo maker like Designhill is a smart and effective solution to create a logo. In this post, you’ll learn why using an online logo maker is preferable.

Symbols are a quick and effective way to convey your business or brand information. A logo is an integral part of your company’s image and considerably impacts public opinion. A logo is among the most essential branding expenditures a company can make.

According to research, a company’s first impression is critical in developing loyalty. According to the study, 48% of customers are likely to become brand loyal after buying a new product. Many studies have shown the importance of generating an excellent first impression on customers. Logos can aid organizations in their efforts to create a positive first and lasting impression on viewers and target audiences.

For any business, a logo is essential. It helps to instil an attitude in your customers and makes your brand stand out. It serves as a symbol of your company’s identity. When the logo is insightful and original, it draws the attention of potential clients, which is beneficial in boosting your business.

Online Logo Maker

If you search for a free logo maker online, you’ll find dozens of pages of results. It may appear enticing to have all of these options available in a single tap. Let’s look at a few of the pros and cons of using an online, free logo maker.


  • It’s simple to use: An online logo maker can be utilized in various ways. These programs are simple to use, even for individuals with no prior design knowledge.
  • It is simple to complete tasks: If you don’t have time to create a logo, online software is faster than employing a professional graphic designer. Based on the facts you provide, an online logo maker can provide a set of different options. This is a wonderful alternative if you have a strict time limit or need to get your business up and running quickly.
  • Affordable: One of the most significant considerations when selecting an online logo maker is whether or not you could create it for free or at a low cost. This is ideal for individuals on a tight budget. If you’re making a logo online, you should be aware that watermarks can be included in the designs, but you can always pay a small mandatory fee to get it removed.
  • Formats for Multimedia: Your company will expand, and you’ll need to reuse your logo across various media platforms. Online logo makers can generate logos across multiple file-formats (PNG, JPEG, PDF, EPS). Your logos can be used on a variety of platforms, as well as for printed documents.


  • Easily copied: There’s a considerable probability that someone else will use an online logo maker to create a logo that looks exactly like yours or is quite similar to it. However, even though the chances of this happening is lower as you may always have a different opinion and viewpoint while creating a logo and the other people might share the same views, the chances are still evident.
  • Professional touches are missing: Each design is a labour of love. Online, free logo makers are as incapable of doing so as you, and only you will be responsible for the logo creation and design. No other professional views can be added to that unless you already have some professionals associated with you.

Professional Logo Designer

When you work with a professional logo designer, it’s a different experience. Let’s examine the advantages and disadvantages of working with pros.


  • A professional’s touch: A skilled graphic designer can create a logo that is entirely distinctive to your business. Examine the designer’s previous work and read testimonials to ensure they are capable. This will ensure that you receive the finest possible logo. However, the hired professional graphic designers should be well-versed in compositional approaches and other design tactics to make sure that the final logo design is adaptive and long-lasting.
  • Your company need a strong visual identity: Your brand’s foundation is built on a strong logo. Your logo is not your entire brand, despite its your visual identity. A professional logo designer understands the importance of knowing your brand’s characteristics. Then, using a complete identity system (logo, typography, and colour scheme), they may adequately communicate the brand’s personality.


  • Cost: We’ve already mentioned that engaging a professional graphic designer to create a logo for your company is not inexpensive. Although it may appear to be the best idea to save money, choosing low-cost options will result in lower quality work. And instead of selecting a low-cost professional logo designer, it is always better to use a free logo maker tool.
  • They don’t know you well: A professional logo designer will never be able to know your brand/ company from the inside out, unlike you do. Moreover, they will never put on more effort to first understand everything deeply just for a logo. Thus, you might not get the personalized touch in your logo that you are looking for. Even though there are slight chances that you may find it, the ratio is meagre.

Why using an online logo maker is better than a professional designer?

There are numerous options for obtaining a logo for your business or brand. The most typical method is to employ someone on a contract basis to create a good logo for your company. There are numerous places where you may hire a logo designer. If the logo turns out to be precisely what you want and what your firm requires, this might save you a significant amount in the long run. However, if the logo isn’t good enough, it may cause a headache.

Something unpleasant happens when your logo isn’t designed the way you wanted or should have been. That is why, contrary to popular belief, the manner you design your logo is more significant than you may imagine. A lousy logo designer can sometimes make a complete mess of a situation to do the task fast and get paid without regard for the client’s or brand’s advantage. The wrong form of logo instils a complete lack of respect in the audience, preventing them from becoming your customer.

An online logo maker is the best option for creating a logo for your company. Simply type in “online logo builder”, and you’ll be able to create your own logo from scratch. Like this, you should be able to achieve the logo you want with very little work. It’s only a quick fix for your issue; you might call it a shortcut for making a bespoke logo. You can choose from thousands of logo templates to create your own distinctive logo.


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