The Japanese Manga series Beastars is illustrated by Paru Itagaki. The story takes place in modern, Civilized anthropomorphic animals with a cultural divide between carnivorous and herbivorous. You can read the series online on You can also watch a small video on it below.

BEASTARS Volume 16 Cast

Beastars is not a normal type of Anime which you will watch it’s something different and if you want to see an anime that is different and want to watch animals behave like humans which are well shown in the series you can have a watch. The Cast of the series is down below.

BEASTARS Vol.16 Release Date And Everything You Want To Know

  • Legoshi-A towering grey wolf.
  • Haru-is a lone member of cherrytons gardening club.
  • Louis-is a red deer and is a third-year student at cherryton and star actor at the school’s drama club.
  • Juno-is a first-year female grey wolf student.
  • Gohin-is a giant panda who works as a psychiatrist.
  • Jack-is a Labrador retriever and also Legoshi’s losest friend.
  • Bill-is a Bengal tiger.
  • Collot-an an old English sheepdog.
  • Voss-a fenec fox.
  • Zoe-is a goat.
  • Tao-is a black panther.
  • Mayor-Unnamed lion mayor.
  • Ogma-a red deer is the owner and head of horns conglomerate.
  • Riz-brown bear antagonist.
  • Chief lion-main antagonist of meteor festival arc.
  • Inarigumi- a gang of female foxes.

BEASTARS Volume 16 Plot

To try to apprehend the mixed species of elephant poachers grey wolf Legoshi joins forces with Beastar horse Yahya and on the other side, the grey wolf gets to know that why he can’t live with red deer Louis after meeting her. Meanwhile, Juno and Legoshi show sympathy to each other about what are the drawbacks of being in love with the beast of another species. Shortly after Legoshi falls into a trap that he cannot escape without the help of anyone and later he has to deal with an offer by Louis that he cannot refuse.

BEASTARS Vol.16 Release Date And Everything You Want To Know

This is a relatively different series that has to be watched and it’s funny how animals interact and are behaving like humans and is a new kind of anime series which has BEASTARS Volume 16 releasing on 18th January 2022.

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