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Are you a Bauhn 75 inch TV owner? You should read the entire review to learn more about the brand, the product, and the pros and cons of the Bauhn 75 inch TV. People’s shift to tablets and mobile devices has led to television becoming scarce in recent years. The store can be found in Australia.

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The Bauhn, 75-inch TV is an electronic TV that can be attached directly to your home wall. It’s a 75 inch long device that allows users to have a better viewing experience on any content than what they see on their phones.

The resolution is 4k ultra. You can browse and watch endless TV content, by downloading multiple apps. The magic remote can be used to record any show you missed and allow you to enjoy it even more.

Bauhn 75 inch TV Review features the latest AI technology. Voice command and an easy-to-use interface make this TV more engaging than other models.

Directions to Use:

  • After you have installed the TV, you will need to connect to the power source and the USB. Wi-Fi can be also connected to the Bauhn75 Inch TV.
  • After that, you can choose to install as many apps as you wish, depending on the content of your preference.
  • Bauhn 75 Inch TV has the most recent AI technology, remote magical functions, and a voice command system.

Bauhn 75 Inch TV Review

  • Product URL- Price – 799$.
  • Dimensions – 1687x88x977 mm (without stand).
  • Resolution – 3840 x 2160
  • Net weight- 26kg.
  • Screen size – 190m.
  • Audio – Stereo speakers
  • Size 75′
  • Product model number – ATV75UHDW-0622
  • Control type.Remote.
  • Batteries –2 x AA Activ Energy batteries included
  • Australia – Origin country
  • Warranty: 1-year guarantee
  • Brand and manufacturer –Bahun
  • Powered By –webOSTV.
  • Input –RJ45: 1 xRCA; 3 x HDMI; 1 xRF and 2 x USB
  • Wall Mounting –400x200mm
  • Preinstalled Applications-Netflix (Facebook, Twitter, Net range), Stan, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and Stan are all installed on Bauhn TV Review.
  • Output Available-1xoptical and 1xearphone


  • Bauhn, 75 inch TV, can also be controlled remotely and with voice commands
  • It comes with 4k ultra HD resolution.
  • Bauhn TV 75 Inch offers an immersive movie theatre experience thanks to its large screen and sound system.


  • No extension of warranty is possible. Bauhn 75-inch TVs only come with a 1-year limited warranty
  • Bauhn 75-inch TV takes up a lot of wall space.
  • It is important to take several precautions because even the smallest mistakes can cause damage to electronic devices.
  • Bauhn’s 75 Inch TV can be very heavy and cumbersome to carry.

Are you sure it is valuable and productive?

Bauhn 75 inch TV Review This product is suspicious and the brand is also suspect due to some inaccessible information.

About this brand:

  • This brand offers all kinds of electronic goods like smart watches, speakers, sound systems, TVs, and speakers.
  • domain registration date is unknown.
  • The expiry date is also important.
  • is trusted at an average of 60%
  • Aldi shops sell most of their products.
  • The trust index stands at 100% which is an excellent score.

More information about the product:

  • Bauhn 75 Inch TV is now available beginning Wednesday, 24th August 2022.
  • Bauhn (75 Inch TV) has a 1459144 low rank.
  • Most feedbacks are negative.

Bauhn 75 Inch TV Reviews customers:

This product review gave a rating of 2.6/100. Although there are many reviews available on other review websites, they are not all above average. Which reviews are average or low-quality? Some people are unhappy with the picture quality and sound quality.

The screen’s larger size and size received only positive reviews. Many people express dissatisfaction about the products and prefer to purchase from other sites at higher prices. To avoid falling for scams, know Product Legitimacy .

Final verdict

Bauhn 75 inch TV Review concludes that this product is doubtful. It is not listed on any other websites. The majority of the reviews are negative. We don’t recommend this product, and advise consumers to choose other authentic platforms.

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