Wordle is Wordle the best choice for online guessing games Did you know that one hint can make your game better? This daily web-based word game challenges you to guess a five-letter word. To find the correct Wordle answer, we used all guess mechanics.

Many users from the United States of America,Canada, Australia and Indiabrainstormed Wordle 446, September 8. You can find the solution to Clags on this guide.

What is correct answer for wordle #466?

Wordle 446 was answered by “CLASS”, but many people misunderstood it as “CLAGS”. Words starting with “CLA” can have many endings to make a five letter word. The direction and vocabulary of an individual can affect the course of the solution word. Many people incorrectly guess “CLA”, leading to wrong answers.

We performed an in-depth analysis and study of the possible clues that can help us find the correct answer. This guide will show you how to guess “CLASS” as the correct guess.

Clags Game Know the Hints

  • Today’s Wordle includes a double letter
  • This noun is used to group people together.
  • The letters C and S are the starting and ending letters.
  • Major Hint – The first half of the school’s study spaces is used to seat students and assembly them.

Play Wordle!

  • Fill in the blanks with the correct guess words
  • Verify which tiles turn green according to their placement.
  • Continue to speculate and make the appropriate changes to arrive at the solution.

Check Class & Clags Description

  • class Meaning: A group of people could be called “Class”, based on some criteria. One definition of “Class” is a group or students attending a school. The teaching of a skill to someone who is interested in it could be called “Class”.
  • Clags Translation: Clags means Class. It can sound like a word group that refers to fitting parts and petty machineries. It can also be referred to as “clog”.

Wordle 446 is trending Why?

Wordle 446 proved to be a mistake for many users, who ended up guessing “CLAGS”, rather than “CLASS”. This led to people asking ” Is Clags a Word?” CLAGS is definitely not a word. This word was similar to CLASS and many players lost their ability to correctly guess it, leading to a word such as CLAGS.

Note All information here is taken from reliable Internet sources.

Final Summary

You can see that both novices as well as experts struggled to find the correct answer. Wordle 446’s solution to the problem was “CLASS,” not “CLAGS.” This double-letter solution increased the game’s difficulty.

Many were unable to solve the Clags Wordle puzzle even after locking down the correct place of “S”. Do you know the Wordle 446 Answer? Please comment below.


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