The article will go over the latest developments in the Frontline game as well as provide some information on At Make Chonkers.

Are you looking for Chonkers? Are you taking on challenge from Fortnite game? If yes, then you will find a variety of ideas in the article. According to the rules of the game that the players receive the chance to challenge themselves as resistance to quest. To overcome this, players require Chonker’s.

The gamers from The United States and the United Kingdom take this task seriously. Yet, many gamers would like to know what to look for in Ascenders and also how to Utilize Chonkers.

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Where to Find the Ascender?

The Ascender can be found in the northeast region of the country. However, to locate the Ascender gamers have to follow a quest or moving within the game. However, it’s also evident it is true that finding an Ascender not an extremely difficult task. The whole area is completed with the Ascender. The players are free to do their own thing.

The players can only access the Ascender via the shops IO. This IO will also be floating within the vicinity. The players could locate it by going towards that zip line.

Use an Ascender at Chonkers

In order to use an ascender, you should follow certain steps. This article will provide an idea.

  1. First , The Ascender can be described as a horizontal line that has a zip-like formations.
  2. The players must use the zipline by climbing hills.
  3. The players can also choose a different method of exit. This is to climb to the Blimps IO during the gameplay.
  4. Following this procedure it is possible for players to find an oarsman in the Speedway.
  5. The racecourse can be found inside the rock structure. It is more specifically, on the racecourse’s northwest part on the ground.

At Use Chonkers

The players will receive numerous benefits through choking. For starters when players finish the game, they will reward them with an amount of 20,000 points. In addition, players will be able to advance to Battle Pass Season 2. The players from Australia are able to play the game to earn this reward.

However, players must stop before they move into the enemy line. The players must collect more shields and other equipment to ensure their safety. They also have to be aware that the challenge will occur at the end of the week. The challenge is crucial to the game. When it comes to the challenge, players should use an Ascender on Chonkers.

Why is it Trending News?

In chapter 3 in chapter three, the game’s creators eliminated in chapter three, the “mechanic” form from the game. The players now have to look over the game map, and also have a chance to perform amazing stunts. Now, the mechanical element is back, and it’s the mainstay in this Fortnite game. This is the reason why players from Canada or New Zealand are looking for news about Fortnite.


In the beginning of the game players generally used buildings for their security covers. However, the scenario has changed. These days, players are making use of the Ascenders as per At Chonkers Use Policy ,the players benefit from the Ascenders.

There is also a wealth of information about the subject by clicking here. Have you played the game and play Ascender? Comment below about your experiences.


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